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Help please! Is this normal?

Sorry Anna I cant help there but I'm sure someone will be along. Maybe send a PM to icemoose or one of the other CDCs on here, they will know I'm sure! Didnt want to read this without writing a response, just sorry I dont know the answer to this one :-( xxx
Hi, in the first week I got pins and needles in my fingers, toes and lips aswell. I found that even walking upstairs set it off and took things very quietly at first. Just finished week 4 and feel brilliant, full of energy and no tingling. Oh and I tried to do a weekly shop on about day 9 and got half way round and had to sit down. Just back from supermarket today and feel fine. I put it down to my body getting used to ketosis.

I think you do need some expert advice on this but for what it's worth I experienced a numb sensation in my face and lips when I started on LL and I know that others did too as I read about it on the LL forum. While I had cold hand and feet they did not turn blue so we'll wait to see what advice you get about this one.

Mine abated after a while once I got into the swing of things. I must say that there were times when I felt very unwell indeed but I think that this is to be expected.

Try not to worry - not doubt the advice will be forthcoming.


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I've sent a request to some CDCs for this one. Hopefully someone will be on shortly :)
I have had this a couple of times now since starting a vlcd. The last was last week as I had a good week.....lol.
It started off with my baby finger then worked across my fingers missing out my thumb.....then went to my lips and chin.....its not pleasant but it has gone and not happened again.


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Doesn't seem to be any CDCs around at the moment, but I've just done a search on another forum and there are a few that have mentioned this.

Hope that helps put your mind at rest until someone comes along
Sometimes when I walk briskly (which I love to do and do a lot) I often get a numb sensation around my mouth and lips and sometimes the chin.

This is only since being on a VLCD


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Sometimes when I walk briskly (which I love to do and do a lot) I often get a numb sensation around my mouth and lips and sometimes the chin.

This is only since being on a VLCD
I've just remembered! I used to have that around my lips. Thought I was having a stroke at the time :rolleyes: Had forgotten all about that.
I get it in my left arm, my arm goes numb and I get pins and needles starting in my little finger.

It is obviously something that people get, however your cdc could also ring CD HQ and ask advice, wont be till tomorrow though.


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Sorry honey, none of my clients have reported this to me so I can't help. I would recommend your CDC phone the Medical Officer at CD HQ first thing tomorrow to find out for you. :hug99:
Can't put my experiences down to stroke (thankfully!!) but I do know that the early stages of ketosis and being in ketosis coming up to a period brings about some weird and wonderful sensations!

Can't wait for the official feedback on this one. We'll probably find out that we all need to go and lie in darkened rooms and be fed ice cream by nubile young men in loin cloths ........................

............ see what ketosis can do ..............? :D
Sorry I never saw this earlier.

None of my clients has ever reported these symptoms to this degree of discomfort before.

You should contact your CDC as soon as you can to allow him/her to look into it for you.

However, if you are getting concerned about your health right now, you might want to seek medical advice yourself. It might not be diet related at all.

Best wishes and good luck
As daft as this might sound I'm now 99% sure what's causing the pins & needles etc....my back!

It started to really hurt in the night, if I lay in a more comfortable position the pins & needles improved, if my back really hurt they got worse. It's very uncomfortable this morning, painful if I'm not careful how I move & I can literally feel things being pinched.

I'll call in at the walk in clinic at our GP's just to make sure but I'll be very surprised if they say something different. I know some of it could be CD related but I'd say at least 90% of the problems is because I've put my back out.

Thanks for all your support, I'll let you know what the GP says.
I've just got back from the GP's, I was lucky enough to see my GP in the walk in clinic.....

I have messed up my back, that wasn't hard to diagnose! However my blood pressure was also very low, so low she said I was lucky I hadn't fainted. She wasn't too thrilled with me after doing my BP, heart rate etc so wants to run some tests. Going a bit blue isn't healthy apparently :(

She didn't put it down to the CD but did tell me to stop straight away until we knew what was going on. She is fully supportive of CD so not one of these doctors who would just jump in & blame it. Also I was on CD last year & had none of these problems then.

You can imagine how I feel about stopping CD. After getting DH behind me I now have to tell him I've got to stop for a while, I can just imagine what he's going to say!

I'm not worried about my health. I'm sure it will turn out to be nothing serious, in the mean time I've been told to take things easy.
Pins and needles in the first week or so can be due to the water shift between cells and the salts (sodium, potassium) inbalance. During the early stages there is rapid water transferring between the cells.

The best thing is to drink more water.

This could also be an allergic reaction, however, as you have used CD before that is unlikely.

I note you have been to the GP do you have to come off CD completely or can you follow one of the other programmes for a couple of weeks until further tests have been carried out.


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