Help please need assisting on my food diary

I' m new to this forum so would be greatful for some advice.
i don' t go the Slimming World groups and would like to know what people think about my food diary on an average day as i seem to have alot of Green days, here goes...........
Wake up in busy mode with my littl' n and have breakfast around 11am which is usually risotto rice with pasta, weird i know but i like the combination, 1 have around 300g altogether.
then lunch would be around 2-3 yogurts with my 1st he b which is 5scan bran.
Then for dinner more pasta n rice, and some tinned pineapple and a yogurt with the remaining heb i have for another 5 scan bran.
then for mu healthy a option i have as skimmed milk for my tea and coffee.

Does this sound ok, as i m not really losing much? or n e thing and have been on this for 2 weeks and have been using my syns on the weekends.
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