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Help please which diet suits me hmmmmmmmmmmm


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Hi everyone

I hope I get some help here. First of all I don't want you all thinking this is a sob story I just need serious help and its took me alot of courage to write this.

Ok here goes I'm female, 5 foot 2 tall and I weigh 11 stone :(. At the moment I'm getting very annoyed and frustrated with myself so this is why I'm writing here for some help.

I have done the normal weight watchers before and its worked but I'm wondering now should I start this again or do weigh watchers pro points or another diet. My problem is I hate vegetables so I think weight watchers is best for me.

I'm really starting to get myself down now because clothes are starting to get tighter on me and my weight keeps piling on. I admit I think I'm becoming a chocoholic too I can't stop eating chocolate I have stopped buying as of yesterday so I hope I can keep that up. I managed to cut my crisps to 1 pack a week. I know people say I should do exercise but I get so tire easily that by the time I get back from work I'm knackered cos I have to cook etc. Also if I do weight watchers maybe I need to join a challenge thread.

Anyway hope I have not bored you and hope to get some help.

Thanks for reading take care all.

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Hey hun I did ww before and left for a while now returned and tried the new pro points which works fab for me,it's got me exercising more and eating alot more fruit,I've lost 6lb in 4 weeks which may not sound much,because I've only got another 10lb to lose to have a great bmi so it's coming off slower.here to support u if u decide to follow the new or old plan.give the new one a try and see what works for u.xxx


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Hi Claireanddanielson thanks for your support its what I need because I don't feel I can do it off my own back lol. I have had a think and think I will stick with the old plan because I don't know much about the pro points plan and can't afford to go to the classes even though I know they would help and push me hmmmm.

By the sounds of it you've done well I will just be so happy to see a lost of 2lb by the end of this week instead of putting it on like I have been doing lately lol.

Thanks again for responding.
Hiya chug

Well done on looking for the help! Its hard to get started isn't it, but once you get going and get the cravings out of your system you'll be flying!

As regards to the diet. If you could get your hands on a propoints plan and a calculator that'd be great. I really think that the new system is much easier and far more filling than the old. But even if you start off with the old system in the mean time it'll get you going.

The new system allows you all fruit free and has a weekly allowance on top of daily allowances. Its great for taking the guilt of the weekend blow outs or those little extras you may want. Could you afford the first initial meeting, get all you need and go it alone perhaps?

This website is brilliant too. I post my diary on here which gives me the incentive to be that bit better and really think about what I eat. The girls on here are a great help too and really rally to help wherever you need it. They'll give you a kick up the bum or a pat on the back or a big hug were needed, so definately keep posting on here.

Best of luck and feel free to ask me anything. You'll find my diary in the diary thread, you can leave me a message there if you need absolutely anything. xxx


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Hi MrsLmc

Thanks for getting back to me and for all your advice.

Yes its hard getting started I will be starting on Monday as I'm going shopping tomorrow so I can get everything I need. The hardest part is getting over the cravings. I think once my stomach gets use to eating less it will be fine for me.

I plan to have ago at the propoints plan first but the problem is I don't know how many points to start with I have asked in one of threads just waiting for response because I can't get to class for another week. I hope to do what you say go to the first class and register and get everything and then do it on my own. I have a propoint calculator already as I found one on the internet which is very good.

I think I will also do a diary like you say because that may help me.

I was really angry with myself because I did a bmi on me and I found out I was obese I was so gutted and I feel really fat now :( I am now so determined to do this.

Thanks again for your advice.
I've been on pro points before and in my first week i lost 3.5lb (i was 9st10lb) now im nearly 11st so im starting ww on Monday after being on sw for the past few weeks . I don't think sw was right for me as i put on 3lb and i don't think large portions of pasta helped (my problem is portion size so i think ww will help me with this ) . Currently i weigh 10st11lb im 5"3 and 28yrs old and hoping to lose 10lb at first then see how i go from there :)