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So I am a serial WW and whilst it was great at first (lost 3.5 stone the first time really easily), subsequent attempts have become harder and harder. Over the years I have become obsessed with points and turned into an emtional (and "mindless") eater.

So I want to try Slimming world (well I have tried it before - never lasted very long and always seem to count still). But I am so bothered about the lack of portion control (lets face it, I have weighed everything for the last 10 years), very bothered about breakfasts ( I am used to a big (50g) bowl of porridge every day as I have to have it at 6am and am not one for cooked brekkie at this time) and am basically scared that it won't work.

I want to get back into eating when I am hungry and eating healthily (which for years I did until I suffered depression and more recently anxiety/stress) and am thinking that SW is the way to go.

I want to lose 2.5 stone and I want to go on holiday in september having lost it - am I being unreasonable?

I see so many people do so well, but have no faith in my ability to lose weight anymore - am hoping that by doing something which isn't counting points, it may give my body a shake up.

Sorry, have gone on abit - thanks for any wise words / encouragement.
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I had never tried SW before because I never liked the idea of red and green days, but I have to say this is the most un-diet-like diet I have ever done. I do mainly EE and I like it because you don't have to count stuff. As soon as I start doing that I just start to panic that I am going to run out of points, calories etc. Also, I don't think it's a good thing to be obsessively weighing brussel sprouts, which is what I was doing on WW.

I started by jusy sticking to the rules, and really not worrying about portion sizes - just try to start listening to your body and eat how much you need to satisfy your hunger. If you are hungry again later, then you can still have something. Once you stop feeling like you are having to restrict yourself, I found the need to eat everything in sight diminishes - I am often suprised these days at just how little I can now eat and not feel deprived, whereas I used to just worry about not having enough to satisfy my appetite.

You have plenty of time to lose 2.5 stones, so just start sensibly, stick to the plan, make use of all your syns and eat to feel satisfied and you should find it starts to shift. If you can do that, then you can tweak your portion sizes a bit if the weight isn't moving, but you'll probably find you do it naturally.
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Hi Juliet

2.5 stone before September is achievable. You would have to just trust the SW plan and try to listen to your tummy when it is full. Don't think of it as a diet and relax into it.

I have porridge every weekday morning with loads of berries. It is lush and keeps me going for hours. Good luck.
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Hi there from another serial WW-er :p
I swear I joined that many times they needed a revolving door :D and whilst it worked when I was "on it" the minute I stopped it all plonked back on + VAT . now Im not sayng that WW was to blame for that I just simply didn't adjust my thinking :eek:
This is my first attempt at SW (well apart from when I was about 14).. and like you I had avoided it for years as I was scared of "free foods"
I joined on-line and just promised myself that for the 1st week I would follow the plan and ignore my "inner WW-er" screaming *weigh me* * can you eat that?* and low and behold it works.. Im now on week 37 and you couldn't pay me enough to swap back to (ww -or any of the other plans I tried )
I think the main thing is to distinguish between "eating as much as you want/like" and "eating as much as you need" ;) -especially important if you are an emotional eater...
I have the 28g of porridge most mornings and chop up a banana and throw some berries in too... very yummy it is too ,,,
Anyway -I would say YES YES YES -give it a go.... best of luck :D


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I see so many people do so well, but have no faith in my ability to lose weight anymore - am hoping that by doing something which isn't counting points, it may give my body a shake up.

Sorry, have gone on abit - thanks for any wise words / encouragement.
i can really identify with what you've said. i know SW works, but i was struggling over the past few years and dabbling with Celebrity Slim, which restricts carbs. then i did SW and was still thinking in a Celeb Slim way and it didn't work.

the best thing to do is test SW out. on your first week push SW to the limits, within the rules that are set out and see how surprised you are with your loss.

i rejoined at the begining of december and did a week where i tried to eat less syns and i maintained that week. so the following week i increased my syns and lost 3.5 lbs.

my moto is don't question or tweek the plan just follow it! :)
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Wonderful advice so far! If you are anything like us you will love SW, just give it a try x


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I have tried every diet and avoided SW for years as I thought that there was no way I'd lose weight on a plan where I had lots of unlimited free foods!
But every other diet has failed, mainly because of my own hunger and becoming obsessed with food to the point that I binge.
When I visited this forum I was suprised at the success of others, even those who had very little to lose.
So I've jumped in and am on day 5. I can't at the moment vouch for it working as I don't have my first weigh in until Wednesday. But I'm trusting the plan like others have said. Watch this space!! lol


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I've done WW twice first time I lost 2stone and the 2nd time (after my 1st baby) I lost 4.5 stone. At the time it was right for me but Ive been doing SW for a while and at the moment following it as I am pregnant and want to keep my weight gain reasonable.

I found it a massive relief when I switched to SW. No more points, loads of fruit and normal food without counting.

I found my faith built up as I got the losses. There are so many success stories to help build up the confidence.

Your Target is totally achievable and good luck


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I want to lose about the same amount of weight by September! :) I am dieting differently, but I hope we BOTH achieve our weighloss goals. :wavey:
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Im pretty much the same ... Ive tried WW, Lipotrim ... various other quick fix options but SW is the best in my opinion because it shows u how to eat healthy ... the others are very restricting and as soon as u come off them because its hard to maintain them forever, u put the weight back on ..... thats been my experience anyway.

Give it a whirl .... u will need to try and forget everything about WW ... Sw does work and will work for u ... Good luck xxx

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