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Help please!

Evening all
I'm starting on refeed on saturday as hols 2 weeks today (woo-hoo!!) and need some help.
Basically, i don't eat chicken or turkey, only like smoked fish or fish fingers :)sigh:) and can only eat tuna out of a tin or on a separate plate so no tuna sandwiches here!
I do like ham so will be happy with a butter free ham sandwich when i am allowed bread on days 4 onwards so that is okay.
So, please can someone give me some inspiration on what to have with my salad and veg for tea? I do like Quorn so happy to eat this. Does anyone know if the Quorn peppered steaks are okay?
Does milk have to be skimmed or will semi do?
And when can i have cereal for breakfast and when can i have chewing gum?
Trying to get my head around it and write down a weeks menu so i can get the shopping in ready! :D:D
Thank all, i'm sure you will be a massive help as always! x
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I believe quorn is ok.
You can have ham salads, you are also allowed boiled eggs. Do you eat red meat? Make sure your fish is grilled or baked. Not covered in batter or fried.

Steer clear of fish fingers, cereals & chewing gum until you have completed refeed.

Not sure what the refeed sheet says about milk but if it says skimmed stick to that until after refeed also.
Forgot about ham salad, duh! Thats another lunch for me x
I do eat red meat so i am wondering about freshly made by me beef burgers? I would only add chilli, onion and garlic to the mince. Maybe i'll have to check that.
It says milk but then on another sheet it mentions skimmed milk products so not sure.
Thanks Tanya :)
Re-feed day, how exciting!
Had a cup of tea with milk today, god it was heavenly! And fruit tea, how i have missed you!
Also had one of the caramel maintenance bars for breakfast. Very very very sweet but made a change :)
Now off to the leisure centre to get some info about joining after hols.
Have a good day everyone x

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