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    I have found the shakes are so much better when made in a blender, has anyone made the shakes in the morning to take to work for lunchtime? Would this be ok?

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  3. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    If it is the same as shakes from Cambridge - which I suspect it is, shakes should be eaten within 15mins of being made as the additional nutrients start to break down. So if you ate later you would not be getting everything your body needs

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  4. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    Also I just take my blender to work :p

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    Thanks for that, its a shame because i was truing to keep quiet about being on a VLCD, i just know i will get flack from the slimming world devotees. Looks like i an just going to have to come clean and accept all the disapproving looks.
  6. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    Grrr really don't like people like that! Not every diet works for everyone. We all jusy need to do what works for us, without judgement! Hopefully they leave you in peace x

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  7. Jacksd

    Jacksd Member

    Yes they do have to be drunk within 15 minutes. I have the shaker but the shakes are a bit lumpy still. I too am keeping it a secret because I had a lot of negative comments when I did W8 which is the same. I just started again yesterday, not feeling at all hungry but got dreadful period pains which I don't usually get. This seems common when I've done these diets before. I'm going to have the shake before I go to work, have a soup in a cup (bit lumpy though) at lunchtime and hot chocolate in the evening. Just sat and watched my grandson eat the juiciest hamburger (pure torcher!). Roll on weigh-in day. Jackie
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    Thanks Jackie, i'm on day 4 and struggling a bit today, i want food!!!!

    its the first time i have done total food replacement but i am determined to shift some weight and it also keeps me off the wine so its win win but i just need a boost to my willpower.

    I must admit i weighed myself this morning and was amazed at how much i had lost, i know its all water but it did give me a boost.

    back to work tomorrow and hoping that i will cope better when i am busy.
  9. mazzy

    mazzy Full Member

    I used a ordinary hand whisk not an electric one to make the shakes when I am out. Just add the shake to the water slowly and whisk. Dont forget they also have BARS you can bring to work with you. I find the peanut ones ok.
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    Oops :confused:

    So pleased with my weight loss i treated myself to food :sigh:

    Although i knew it was wrong i just needed something real, it was cheese a small piece but so typical of my attitude to food. Its a reward, its a treat, its for comfort, its to cheer me up when i am down. I am learning that i have find a way to change my attitude.

    hopefully not too much damage done but i need to change my attitude once a and for all

    thanks to you all for your words of wisdom
  11. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    I found a good stint on LT coupled with a good loss did positively change my attitude towards food, however periodically I need a reboot of my greedy brain. Not how it's supposed to b used I'm sure but works for me x
  12. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Have you tried the flap jacks to take to work? I just go sit in my car and eat it with a bottle of water :)

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