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Help Please!

Hi all, I am on my second day of SW and finding it good so far! Can anyone help me with the following though....
I am looking for a nice SW meal that I can cook for myself AND my boyfriend at the weekend? Pre-SW we used to always have a takeaway at the weekend, so I am changing my ways and going to prepare a lovely meal for us both. Red and green ideas both welcome! xx:D
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Not sure what types of foods you like, but one meal I can always make for hubby and I is a nice steak with grilled tomatoes or salad, and sw chips (I use my 2 HE B's here). It feels naughty but isn't.



I ate my willpower!
This month mag came with a curry cookbook which I have. If you fancy making a curry, I can give you some recpies. I also like making steak or a mixed grill is a good one on a red day.
OOOh he will love steak and chips! I did not know you could have that (guess I need to keep reading my books) Thank you very much xx

p.s I bought the magazine on Wednesday but I let my friend have the free curry book so she could photocopy it, once I have it back I will definitely try out the recipes on my other half!


Just follow the plan
Obviously its SW chips, ie sprayed with fry light, or you can use McCains rustic chips which are low syn. (Sorry, dont know offhand the exact amount of syns)


I ate my willpower!
Give yourself as much as you like!! It's only the steak that you will need to restrict as it will be your HEX B.
the curries are great, me and my husband have one every sunday. I only do green days being veggie.

Quorn Chilli Pasta Bake
Syn Free on Green if using cheese as a healthy extra


227g wholewheat pasta
100g quorn
1 onion
Red/yellow/green peppers (I'm a lazy person and use the pre chopped frozen ones from tesco)
1 carton tomato passatta (seived tomato) - it's better if you use the garlic and herb kind
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
chilli to taste


1. fry the onion and garlic in frylight until soft, add in quorn, peppers, mushrooms, courgette and chilli (if using frozen peppers, let the water boil off a bit) cook the pasta as instructed on the packet

2. add in the tomato passata and tin of chopped tomatoes and simmer for 10 minutes, add the cooked pasta and mix well

3. put the mix into an ovenproof dish and top with the grated cheese. Bake in a warm oven until the cheese has melted

This is really lovely if you make up the pasta mix a day early and leave the flavours to settle.


Just follow the plan
I suppose you could make up the sauce to that and freeze it, ready for a quick meal another day.
or you can use McCains rustic chips which are low syn. (Sorry, dont know offhand the exact amount of syns)
McCains rustic oven chips are 10 syns for the whole bag, or 1 syn per 100g uncooked weight which makes it easier to find the syn value when not eating the whole thing

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