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Help re vitamins and minerals needed.


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Hi all, my hubby is doing cd with me to help me get back on track, he is only about 1 stone overweight as he does a lot of weight training so has a lot of muscle and because of the weight training he takes quite a few vits and minerals, my question is are any of these causing any probs on SS because im in ketosis and have been since yesterday but hes still showing negative.
He takes vit c, vit e, vit b complex, garlic oil, omega 3 fish oil, zinc, magnessium.
Thanks everyone. Sarahxx.
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Hi ,I'm afraid I dont know the answer,I only take st johns wort and that doesnt affect ketosis,I'm sure someone who knows will be along soon,


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Hi Sarah, I have put a shout out to the moderators to see if anyone can help, the problem I can see is too many minerals, CD is supposed to provide everything we need and I am sure an overdose of minerals is not good x


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Thanks to you both, I know what ypur saying about to many minerals but because of the high intensity training he does he says there required!!! Its all beyond me but cant think of any other reason for ketostix to still be coming up negative! Thanks sarahxx.


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Hi Sarah

With only a stone to lose your husband shouldn't be doing SS. I'm not sure if the extra minerals and vits he is taking are affecting him going into ketosis, but he could be doing himself much more harm than good trying to SS with that small amount of weight to lose. He needs to speak to his/your CDC tbh.

Hope that helps Sarah


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Well I say a stone she says 2.5stone as hes 14st 3 at 5ft 8 but I dont think she took into account that its a lot of muscle so thats why were saying 1 stone only.