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Help!! Salad cream??

Hello everyone :eek:,

I've re-started WW today and I have just made my sarnies for work tomorrow. I have put salad cream in them but I am struggling to measure how much to use, I have looked all through the WW books I have from when I last did the diet but I'm having no luck.

Any idea how many points 1 teaspoon would be as I would say, at a guess, I used 2 teaspoons. Its just normal salad cream too, till I can get to the shop tomorrow.

I wasn't planning on dieting just woke up this morning and knew I had to get and do something so I'm making do till I can get to a shop! :) x
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I don't use salad cream so I have no idea. Do you have a points finder at all??


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Apparently 15g (tbsp) is 1 point. So I'm assuming thats 1 tbsp
Thanks for your reply anyhow :) I have a calculator but the bottle is working it out on 15mls... I know it sounds really stupid but I don't know how much 15mls on. I'm really unprepared and flappy at the moment ha ha! Maybe I should have stuck to my 'only start diets on Tuesdays' tradition!!!


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Awww bless. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just continue with the diet and get light salad cream when you can. It could be a lot worse.

Good luck with your restart!!
Thank you Missa. Just realised my reply to you didn't make a lot of sense before, sorry lol x
This might be a slightly bonkers way of working it out, but giving the kids Calpol always involved a 5ml teaspoon, so your points for 15 ml can be divided by 3.

Hope that helps, enjoy the sarnies,

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