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Help...slim.fast and exercise

Hi all

I have a question for you. I've recently started going to the gym and as you all might know, you eat more when you start burning more calories. Am I able to have another shake or another low-fat snack as we are only allowed 3 100cal snacks. I hope someone can answer that.

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Getting there!!!
hey, i know the feeling,maybe try to keep your last 100 cal snack until after the gym or even better make your dinner and cut it in half,half before and half after!! thats how i do it!
I like the idea of cutting dinner in half. but it's still only gonna add up to the same calories, hmmm this is a tricky one. I'd contact slimfast and see what they say.
Thanks ladies....great ideas. I think I will have to contact them.

As far as I know the exercise doesn't allow you another shake. Exercise cals burnt are much less than you think but the muscle you amass burns more calories in the long term helping with weight loss. If you start increasing calorie intake you risk slowing down your weight loss.

Try including more protein in your daily intake as this helps with exercise and have a banana and big drink of water after. A lot of "hunger" after exercise is often dehydration.

Good luck
id have a sneaky banana to give me a kick and some water, but then thats probably cheating!!
Best ask SF...!
how many cals are in two scoops of slimfast milk shake fat free skimmed milk.
Hi, choc shake - 223
vanilla - 218
strawberry - 230
cafe latte - 219.
I have actually weighed out 2 scoops on my diet scales, and 2 full scoops comes to more than the recommended amount your supposed to have. So i have 2 nearly fullish scoops.
thankyou kim for that i wasnt too sure how many cals they were .:)


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Hi all....guess who's back after falling off the wagon...well kind of lol.
I had a lengthy convo with Slim Fast 2 weeks ago and I was advised to have another 100cal snack eg 2 pieces of fruit or 1 medium banana after a work out. They will be sending me some info out in the post...been waiting 2wks so far but I will share it with you when I get it.

Also for those of you who are lactose intolerant like moi :( you CAN have soya milk. I think he said instead of having 250ml have 300mls as we need more protein. I have to say that Slim Fast tastes a lot better with soya than cows milk :D

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