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HELP Something strange has happened!!!


Happiness in a shake!
Morning all, I am quite concerned and slightly upset that I woke up this morning and my chin (or underneath) is huge!!! It seems to be all fluid, not painful or sore, no lumps or bumps, just big!
Now while I apprechiate I have a slight double chin anyway, it was NOWHERE near the size it is today, I noticed it as soon as I looked in the mirror this morning and it looks and feels horrible.
What could have caused this? Do you think it might be water retention? I have no signs anywhere else, no swollen fingers, feet or any other part of my body.
Quite concerned now, is this to be expected, will it go away and has it happened to anyone else?
Please help, don't know what else to do! x
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This happened to someone at work recently and it was a saliva gland infection and she needed antibiotics. I would get it checked out hun.



Happiness in a shake!
It looks just like a big double chin! All the way round, and feels big when I put my chin down, never experienced this before and I was just getting rid of my double chin!
Will have to wait to see a Dr, as I have to take my daughter to a birthday party today, ooohhh I am really worried nowx


Happiness in a shake!
Thanks Porgeous, was your friend in pain? I havn't has any pain at all


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I get this quite a lot, and it's usually tooth related. If there's no pain, I tend to see if it goes down in the next 24 hours and if not, I go and see the dentist and he gives me antibiotics.

If you're worried though, it's always best to visit the docs.


Happiness in a shake!
Thanks so much KD, you have made me feel a whole lot better, hopefully it will go down in the next 24hrs, if not I will go see the Dr, even though I hate going! x
Hi there

She felt a mild discomfort but nothing too major in the pain department, just freaked her out a bit as like yourself she woke in the morning with a chin and neck twice the size!