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Help...somethings not right

Hey everyone, hope you are all well, i'm not a regular poster, but i need a bit of help / advice.... its not really much to do with slim fast, unless its some crazy side effect lol.

This past few weeks i have started all of a sudden got a really oily patch at the crown of my head, i have scrubbed it and scrubbed but everytime i wash it it looks and feels unwashed, i have cut out conditioner etc but its not working. its only this one patch. I don't know what to do, or who to see about it, my doc is not a v understanding one, and would prob end up laughing at it :(

I have been on slim fast a few months now and seem to be doing fine with it, so i don't think its it, i just wanted to eliminate this from the problem. I'm no more stressed than i am normally but this has just appeared and its getting me down a bit.

I ask you ladies as you are all very good with advice and can maybe point me in the right direction.

Sorry for the rant in the wrong page :eek:)

Caroline Xxx
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Have you tried not washing it so much.... Scrubbing at it would probably encourage the body to make more sebum.... Ie. Making the problem even worse!

Have you tied some medicated shampoo... I don't know wats out there and what's available without prescription, but it's worth asking about at a pharmacy

Other wise I'm affraid it's going to have to be a trip to the gp.... He probably won't be able to do much himself but he could probably refer you to a dermatologist.

Good luck!
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I wonder if it's an overactive glad? Try not washing as often and use a dry shampoo in between as it works really well with grease and oil. If symptoms persist have a word with your hairdresser and failing all else hit the GP. But keep us updated.
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cant add anymore to what the ladies have already said,,, good luck sorting it out
Ladies thanks so much, i know of a dermatologist in town so ill call in and see her saturday, i don't have a clue what this is at all, one day it was normal and the next it was like it hadn't been washed and i have never ever had greasy hair in my life, thanks for your help

Caroline xx
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let us know how you get on xxx
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yeah let us know your alright x

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