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HELP!! (strongly urge guys not to enter this thread:D)


Trying to stay positive..
Well, I got my period again, but it's nothing like my other periods on CD. normally on this diet I have really long periods that last... 3 weeks, then i have 1 week of peace, and period again. this time i got an extremely strong period, i am literally leaking, i am going to the bathroom every 5 minutes, i feel like throwing up, i can't drink water as it makes me sick, i am gray on my face, and my stomach hurts so much i had to cry, even though i am usually pretty strong. i think i tried everything, painkillers, hot water bottle, mint tea, i tried eating something, but it just made me feel more sick, and i am afraid i am literally going to die from blood loss... did anyone else have similar experiences on VLCD or am I the only one??
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Honey, is this definately just a period? There isnt a chance you may have had a chemical pregnancy or be miscarrying?

Whichever way, I really think you need to get yourself checked out asap. Bleeding that heavy is NOT NORMAL. Call NHS Direct at the very least. Have had similar to this (before i started this diet) - saw doctor and he put me on some tablets to control the bleed and reduce it, and to help with the pain.
Let us know how you get on xxx


Trying to stay positive..
thanks for the quick response. i am definetely not pregnant, unless it was some kind of an immaculate conception:) but the amount of bleeding does look like a miscarriage.


Sounds like mine!
Not pleasant at all - if you are worried then see your DR but I was changing my tampon every 1 hour [apologies if tmi but believe it may help you]
Lighterlife state on their website
Hormones that govern the menstrual cycle in women are mostly found in fat between the waist and the knees. The balance of these hormones can alter slightly whilst losing weight. Due to this, while using a very-low-calorie diet, women may find no change in their periods or that they temporarily become:

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  • Stop.
In that case, like I said above, I would at least give NHS Direct a call. Otherwise you are going to be up all night feeling rough as Sh*** and worrying yourself silly


always lurkin around!
i totally agree with bb you need to get it checked out if its been going on a while u could be lacking iron. ring nhs direct if only 4 piece of mind ... good luck hun and i hope u feel better soonxx (ring now dont leave it )


Trying to stay positive..
thanks a lot for all the responses, i was thinking that it's simply because of the hormones going crazy on me because of the weight loss- before the diet i had my periods once every 2 months maybe, so i simply thought that my body is getting used to having periods regularly. while on cd i had pretty nice periods, no pain, just light bleeding for a long time, but what happened today scares the living hell out of me. i'm not in england at the moment, and i am scared s***less of going to a polish hospital but i am seriously considering to go there now...
I would because if your miscarrying sweetheart and do not get the help you need it could cause serious implications - I hope its not and its just a heavy period goodluck!
ive been on for 3 weeks to and im on the pill!!!!! not got any pain thou and its brown and gunky....i posted a thread the other week about it and its still here....mine is def not miscarriage, ive been unfortunate enough to have experienced one and to be honest izmirka the way you have described it it sounds like one, but of you are saying there is no chance of a pregnancy it could be something more serious, i know you dont want to go to the polish hospital but better to be safe honeyxxxx
Been there too. Have had three of them in 6 weeks on my vlcd. All very heavy, but maybe not as a frightening as yours. Doc gave me hormone tablets called Norethisterone to make 'em stop.
As it is the w/e it sounds like you have no choice by to go to casulty really. Could be fibroids. Anything's got to be better than sitting at home freaking out.
Good luck


Trying to stay positive..
i just came back from the hospital, stayed there for a while. i got some pills, intravenous medicine and a needle in my ass... but all's fine now, i hope. at least i don't feel any pain and the bleeding seems to have slowed down a bit.
it's definitely not a miscarriage- i would have remembered having sex, i think:)


Trying to stay positive..
not really. they said they don't know what caused it, they were only able to stop the bleeding a bit. it might be a lot of things, so if it happens again, they will have to do more tests i guess.

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