HELP!! They are soo MEAN!


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Hey all,

Hope you all had a fab xmas!

Well i stuck to CD all through. I just had turkey and broccoli xmas day and boxing day. Back to SSing now.
First day back at work after xmas....The others have ordered pizza and are all sitting there about 5meters away from me eating it!! it smells delish! i soo want some. I know i cant have any but i sooo want some!

I really need abit of support as i soo want to go over and take a slice. I know i wont but want to soo bad (does that make sense?)

Hugs all!
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Well done hun, you've done sooooo well hang in there and just think of all that fat rotting in their guts eurgh!

Go and distract yourself for a while and then you can gloat when they all feel podged!



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My family had pizza too, yesterday, and they had lots of leftovers of my all time fav. pizza. BIG MEANIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know how you feel... wanting something badly but not having it.. :(

Try going out or getting away from the pizza, it'll help :)



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Phew THANK GOD! its all gone.

Good job they are all pigs and ate it ALL! didnt offer me any :) i would have said no anyway but PHEW!!

OMG XMAS dinner was hard!

4 1/2 months of CD to go. Done 2 months now :)


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Well done you that's great! You really kept in control :D

On Monday my family had chip shop chips and I sat and felt sorry for myself with my cd bar :p x


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Well done hun :) you have the strength it takes to do well on this diet - no doubt you'll be here in April giving others support having got to goal! Keep it up :) I've got a lot of respect for ya hun, you are doing soooo well!

How are the wedding plans going? xx


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well done for resisting....i know its a bit of a cliche but its so true that nothing tastes as good as being slim feels! :) :)


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Thank you soo much all. :)

Wedding plans..hehe honeymoon booked...2 weeks in St Lucia with Sandals.
Registry office booked. Reception booked. My dad is doing the cake (choc rum) Mum is doing the dress. I have chosen the pattern i want. She is waiting til late March to make it tho cos thats when i will slow down with losses. Mother-in-law to be is doing the flowers. Half the invitations are done. Its all going well. I cant wait! OH cant wait either hehe.

Thank you all soo much for your support. I went swimming lastnight. Swam 700m in an hour. was knackered. Think i overdid it a little tho cos i got dizzy in the shower when i got home. Had my last pack and a bottle of water and i was ok.


.............Well i stuck to CD all through. I just had turkey and broccoli xmas day and boxing day. Back to SSing now..............

WOW - I'm seriously impressed! If you can do that you can do anything! You will be at goal in no time with that sort of determination - well done!