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HELP! Week 2 and haven't lost anything this week!

Hi all,
I am day 4 into my second week and in the first week I lost 10lb which I was so happy about, but this morning I got on the scales and I haven't lost anything since then. That's 4 days of total 100% CD, 3 shakes with 4 litres of water.

What is that about???!!!!! I don't understand how that can be. I am in ketosis.

I feel so deflated, I was going so strong but now am wondering what the point is. Please, can someone help?!!! I don't want to give up but feel tempted right now :cry:

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don;t keep going on the scales, it will only do this and you honestly don't want ot give up hun xxx

I tend to jump on the scales on a sat! my weigh in is a tuesday, I think mind over matter it means look how well you have done, don;t cheat lol

10lb was a huge loss in you first week hun, my cdc said around 14lb a month!! so if you took that into account! although I am sure you will lose more. have you been drinking your water?
S: 16st13lb C: 16st7lb G: 9st7.5lb BMI: 40.9 Loss: 0st6lb(2.53%)
doh you said yes to water! maybe your drinking a bit too much? as cd is 2 1/2 at least, so 4 may be too much for your body? just thinking out loud here
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Day 4 into your 2nd week - i wouldnt worry...
I find I always lose weight towards the end of the week as you will not be losing everyday anyway... you will be fine x
Thanks guys,
I really hope that you are right and I will loose something this week. And that this is just a blip, for whatever reason.
It's all my mothers fault, she told me yesterday that I didn't look like I had lost anymore this week!
I normally drink a lot of water so 4 litres isn't much more than normal, so I don't think that is the problem. Will try and cut back a little but I am thirsty!!
Really hope that I can get to Friday ok and have lost something!
Bingbong x
i bet you will do fine come wi day, try and stay off the scales between wis as they like to play games with our minds.lol

you are doing great keep it up.xx remember cd can not fail.xx
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I think what your mum (bless her!) said put a seed of doubt in your mind. You can't NOT be losing body fat!
Listen carefully in a quiet room and if you're lucky you will hear "munch munch" and when i hear that noise, i know my body is eating my big fat bum all up lol!
Stick with it xx
:D sleepy bird!!! That really made me smile.
Thanks guys, I so hope that you are right and that something has come off by wi. Not sure what I will do if not. Until then I just need to make sure that I get to the end of the day without cheating :sigh: and then to Friday for wi.
And will try and stay clear of the scales!!
Bingbong x


Fat Fighter
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Like everyone has said don't jump on the scales every day as they can demotivate you. Just get weighed once a week. Plus if you are sticking to the diet you do not have to worry at all about not losing as there is no way you can have 400 calories and not lose. It is impossible. I drink upto 4 or 5 litres on some days so long as you spread it out you will be fine. Am sure you will have lost something. In my first week I lost 15lbs and then I lost 2lbs in my second. 10 weeks down and I have lost 3st 5lbs after staying the same at my week 9 weigh in. So just stick to it and all should be well.

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