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HELP!! What is this stuff????

Hi there

I'm new to this site and I thought I would pick all the brains out there.

I bought some VLCD diet stuff from Ebay (quite possibly a very bad idea)

anyway, cut a long story short, the woman who sold it got a bit shirty with me cos I wasn't happy that it took weeks to arrive....anyway, it doesn't have any instructions. I don't know how much water to add or any of the nutritional values. It was billed as total meal replacement etc etc just like CD.

Does someone out there recognise any of these flavours? its got Chilli, Spagetti Bologne, toasted cream of onion(soup I think) stawberry and banana jelly, coco mandarin pudding, pear belle helen pudding???

How do I make them palatable? I just added some water to the chilli mix (about 200ml) and its like a chilli soup, none of the bits have rehydrated! YUK:eek:

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I am assuming there is no trademark or brand name on these packets for you to look up. I'm afraid I would say that if you can't check what they are then throw them in the bin. VLCDs are not something to enter into without full information and confidence that what you are putting in your body does give you 100% of your nutritional needs and is of reputable quality.

Check for a brand name on the pack. A good brand will have it's name on it.

Sounds like avidlite - they have chilly and Spaghetti Bolognese instant soy (microwave or hob), strawberry banana jelly, coconut tangerine pudding, etc. Have a look at their website avidlite . co. uk in the High Protein section.

Hope this helps,
What was the company name?
thanks for the replies

I was asking because it has no name on the packet. How simple would that be if it did???!!

Anyway, thanks for the tip about avidlite. It looks like this could be it.

I have to say...... these products are gross!

Can anyone tell me how to make them palatable???

The chili and spag bol - put in a saucepan and add some hot water and simmer it for 5-10 mins. (you can add some mushrooms if you want).

Shakes add about 200ml of cold water and some ice and do it in the electric blender.

Sorry dont know how the others work!

Not good they didnt tell you how to make it.


Bring on the trumpets
I wouldn't use these as full meal replacement although a supplement to a low carb diet should be ok.

Wise words tummytrainer :D
Puddings: add 110-120ml cold water, mix then refrigerate for 15-30min or make into mousse by adding 1 bitten egg

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