Help what is wrong with me

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rainbows holiday buddy :)
the only thing i would find filling in that lot is the soup, maybe if it was like a thick broth. no wonder you're hungry. maybe you need some stodge, like pasta, potatoes, etc to satisfy you?


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Are you really hungry or eating out of boredom, stress or emotional problems?
If you are really hungry, carry on with free foods.
If you are just eating for the sake of eating or filling a void, STOP, have a real think about why you are doing SW and substitute the food with something that keeps your mind busy, be it a computer game, a puzzle or something that keeps your mind off food and/or your problem.
Good luck, and I am sure you will do just fine.


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There's no protein in there, I have to have protein with every meal to fill me up.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
the soup had loads of veg lentils pearl barley etc Just gonna keep myself busy thanks x