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Help! What's going on????


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Started last saturday, week one, didn't cheat, just had my 3 packs a dayand lots of plain water, went to see my CDC today and I weighed the same as last Sat! I don't think she believed i had stuck to the diet, but I have! Re-checked on my scales at home and it's true - exactly the same weight as last week.
I wasn't expecting to lose more than a few pounds as I don't normally eat much anyway, but this is ridiculous. I appear to be defying the laws of physics - has anyone else ever heard of a case like this?
I'm so angry and upset I just don't know what to do.:cry:
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Are you due your TOTM?


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I don't know why this could of happened but don't be tempted to throw in the towel just yet, wait for next week and you should see a big dip in you weight then.
maybe your body will adjust this week , some times it takes a while for things to kick in . every time i joined ww i gained 2 lbs before i lost anything , it was like i had to convince my bod i wasnt gonna starve it . can you give it another week n see what happens hun xxxxxx good luck big hugs xxxx


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Yes, stick to it 100% again this week and you'll see an amazing loss next week! You've done the hard part, keep going!


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Are you due your TOTM?
no idea. i'm terrible of keeping track of when it's due - i think probably sometime in the next week it is due. :confused:
Surely it wouldn't make me lose nothing though?


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Sometimes people retain water really badly (I do!) which does make a difference. Also are you constipated?


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thanks for your comments - i don't know if i would be able to do this without all you guys for inspiration.
well i guess i will put it down to retained water and poo (lovely!) and struggle on with it. it has to work, surely!?!
also I still haven't had a positive ketone test, nomatter what time of day i have done the test - can it really take over a week to get into ketosis? I'm still feeling lightheaded and very headachey so maybe I'm not there yet?
hope you're all having a great weekend.
Hi hazel, I have weigh in tomorrow and have not lose a bean so far from last week, I feel the same :-( I dread what my CDC will say when i have been so good. Its very demotivating :-( Keep going...
hey Hazel - don't panic !!!

these things happen....not sure why... :confused:

basically - you can't NOT lose weight on so few calories per day...SO - stick with it....bet you'll be rewarded with a fantastic loss next week !!

Debz x

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