Help, when do the hunger pangs stop?

Hi all,

Im on day 7, and I'm finding it a little bit tough, I don't want to eat or anything, I just want these darn hunger pangs to stop:mad:

Also, I know you cant take a syryp for a cough, but can I take 'night nurse' capsules:confused:, without the capsule shell, if you now what I mean, the chemist says there are no carbs.

What do you think ?


Bm2lm xx
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Sorry cant help with the medication, Im sure some one soon wil post about that.

Regarding the hunger it depends on each person, I was ok from day 5 but others take slightly longer, it depends if you cut the carbs out before you started. But dont worry it will happen sooner rather than later and I promise it will get better. :)


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Your on day 7 and your still feeling hunger pangs.

Some Women can take up to 21 days to detox and I know this time around after eating a lot of crap over Christmas it has taken me the three weeks to get back in the zone as I call it. Where I don't feel hungry or have psychological hunger breaking through as well.

Also, around day 7 or before sometime you can begin to feel your tummy muscles working much better as well.

I find taking a drink of warm water does help or just even water.

If your taking the medication for your cough last night at night before going to bed I would think it would be fine.

A half of raw onion placed on a saucer in your bedroom is very good for a does smell the room but works.

Love Mini xxx

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If you need cough linctus you need cough linctus, it you don't take it and cough all night you will be exhausted.

Try and get the sugar free one, the nightnurse capsules should be okay, however, paracetamol I always think having this with hot sunshine orange or summer berry works a treat.

It is important to keep up your fluids this helps with the hunger.

The most important thing is to get better, you will still lose weight.


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mine are only bad when I don't drink enough. water, water and more water, that's my new mantra.