Help, when Im stressed I turn to chocolate, My dads had a stroke, so Im now stressed


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I'm so sorry to hear your Dads not well, big hugs xx


Well done for coming on here - it would have been worse for you if you just went out and binged.

I am really sorry to hear about your dad.

Can you make some choc truffles or fudge or something... might take away the craving?


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Im sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he starts to recover soon. Sorry Ive not much on advice about stressing because its a bad time for you, but try and hang on in there and stick to the diet.
take care


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So sorry to hear about your dad....hope things get better for your family soon......HUGS

Try to keep focussed on why you started CD in the first place...eating (or bingeing) will probably just make you feel even try to stay strong if you can..... and if you do slip up, try not to beat yourself up about it - you have more than enough on your plate to stress you at the minute without adding that to your list....:rolleyes:

take care hun....

lotsa love



Is it nearly October yet?
Hope your Dad is ok, I know what a worrying time this must be for you. Take care and keep strong. :)


Hey there, I hope your Dad will be OK, you must be so worried. Try making the truffles with a toffee and walnut freeze for 35 mins if you can wait this long of course then coat them with 1/2 pack of choc made into thick paste yum yum I scoffed loads last night - well enough to keep me on straight and narrow and they were delicious - really chewy too so made me feel like I had indulged but knowing that I hadnt cheated was even better. As everyone has said you've done the right thing by posting on here - only wish I could give you more support. Don't worry, I'm sure things will turn around for you all, I really hope so. Just shout if you need more support we are all here for you xx


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Sorry to hear about your Dad, but you also need to focus on why you started CD, having chocolate will not help as you will just feel guilty afterwards... why not try a hot chocolate?? Try and keep focused, I know it is hard at a time like this, but stay strong...

We will all send you positive vibes...



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Sorry to hear about your dad, it must be a very worrying and stressfull time for you, Hope your dad will be ok.
Thanks all for your message, I will keep strong and positive and go no where near real chocolate.

Thanks again

bm2lm xx


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Really sorry to hear about your dad. You eating chocolate isnt going to make him better though so dont do it. youve done very well so far dont ruin it now.


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Hi bm2lm

This is undoubtably going to be an emotional and stressful time for you over the next few days. Hopefully the prognosis for your Dad will be good and when you have seen him your mind will be more at ease. However I would advise that while you are so stressed you are especially careful to make sure you do the diet to the letter that will make it as easy as possible for you. So drink lots of water even if it means meticulously writing a chart of your water intake. Take all your packs and don't leave long gaps between packs. I would also suggest that maybe you may allow yourself an extra say 1/2 a pack if you feel you really need something.

I do hope the news over the next days is good and that your Dad recovers well. I will keep my fingers crossed for you please post as much as you like there is always someone here to reply.

Dizzy x


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So sorry you are having a tuff time, all kind wishes to your dad and you.

Sometimes at the height of stress I can find a strength in sticking to routine - can you do this with CD? Just a thought, but it (sometimes) helps me, when I am worried sick.

If you can try to look after yourself in other ways too - that might help you stay strong with the diet. Then when he needs you, you can be fully there for him.

Take care,


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Sorry to hear about your dad and I hope he gets better real soon.

I agree with all the others keep on track as if you go off it will be another stress to add to your already stressful time.

Keep going on your diet you are doing so well.

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Hope your Dad is better soon, BM2LM.
Well done on avoiding chocolate though, keep strong and stick with the diet, comfort eating isn't the answer .. If the craving gets too bad, try making a bar from the Chocolate shakes, they are really nice without the added carbs and calories so no guilty feeling for having indulged.
My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.


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Oh I am so sorry. I hope he is doing well today.

well done on you for posting, a bath is my treat when I manage to avoid food!