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Help with day 1...

i usually shove lettuce , spring onions, cucumber,ham , egg and coleslaw into my tupperware container and it does me ok .......... depends what you have access to ............ microwave ,fridge etc good luck xx


Clean green leafy machine
Or tuna, a couple of hardboiled eggs and lettuce - with mayo if you have it
i have about a cup full ..and...watercress great for iron ...x


Clean green leafy machine
Watch out Mustdo, uncle Jim will come and get you! :)

Monkey, you must have three large mugs of veg a day, that's where you should get most of your 20g carbs in induction. There's a list of approved veg on the sticky, "So you're thinking of starting Atkins?" It's invaluable in making it simple and easy to understand. Will help with your shopping - as will the sticky, "Low carb shopping list".

And don't forget spinach as well, that's lower in carbs than some of the veg on List A.

Enjoy :)
yes but my container is not that big !!!


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Salami and cheese is my standby - very rich and filling and satisfying in a small pack. Even better in a LC wrap or pitta - but dont tell jim lol :)
Cheers for the info again. Just bought a bag of already made lettuce stuff and going to have a cup of it with a tin of tuna and some Mayo.

Following a recipe from my atkins cook book (chicken and goats cheese!)

What happens if I hardly have any of the 20g allowance? Say 10g or so?

Thanks again


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Wash the lettuce first. Jim says they spray the bags of salad leaves with sugar water to keep them crispy.
why would you have less than 20g? You would be depriving yourself of food unnecessarily and as 15g should come from your green leafies you would miss out on essential nutrients. If you're asking if you lose quicker the answer is no. You need to keep your metabolism up.


Clean green leafy machine
Yes to what Lisa says, you will lose faster if you eat all your greens :)


This is for life
Definitely - i have 1-2 mini ones per per day and they are lifesaver. I only have one of the big ones tho
Thanks again everyone.

Today I had an omelette made with cream for breakfast. Then having a cup full of lettuce with half a tin of tuna with Mayo and a small bag of mini peperami for lunch.

The tuna salad is really small, is this the right size you're meant to have for lunch?

Hope thy makes sense!

Thanks again!
Morning, I always fry up loads of sausages, they are great and so convenient cold.

LOL @ Susie, I think that was just referring to lunch veggies at work :)


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I have access to a microwave & fridge at work so I try and make extra tea at night to take with me for lunch. Last night I had pork chops so Ive brought one to work with a small bag of salad, cucumber & boiled eggs.


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