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Help with exercise.....

Hi everyone ;)

Although I am doing pretty well in terms of weight loss on Xenical I don't really get much exercise and I really struggle to push myself to do it.

I have a bad nerve near my pelvis which restricts my walking after a while, but walking is the only thing I can get myself to do. I am a heavy smoker (working on that next) so my lung power is absolutely shocking and I can't jog for longer than about 5 mins anyway. I do have an exercise bike and weights machine in my house but I just can't seem to motivate myself at all, no matter how hard I try.

I'm hopeful that with a little weight loss the nerve problem will go away and I will be able to walk more again, I'm just worried cos I'm fairly inactive due to not working at the moment.

As I say, my weight is dropping but I really want to help it along the way.

I know it's a big ask, but does anyone have any suggestions, either to motivate myself, or preferably some ideas on more entertaining exercise?

I do live in a rural area, and I love being outdoors if that helps!

Thanks :)
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I want one, but unfortunately I can't seem to sell the good lady on the idea, not even a Jack Russell :(

I could buy one of those invisible dog leads I guess and pretend.


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hey Lion,
how about an IPOD.. fill it with ur fave tracks and get out there to listen to them...

Maybe if u have 30 of ur fave tracks and decide to listent o all 30 before u go back home?


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i found out that the gym motivated me more then anything , yes its a huge step but i do actually love it...
i like doing dvd workouts at home and going on my wii fit.... theres a great taebo (boxing) workout on youtube in 5 parts approx ten mins per part .. type in taebo billy blanks :)..
oh think I'll look for that on utube later.

I'm off to aqua fit tonight. I went last week for the first time in years and loved it. The water helps relieve pressure from your joints that you would normally feel with other exercise.
Its a very good workout and we have men in our group too


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I'd love to go swimming but I'm too self conscious, daft I know but I just can't do it :(

I might look up that Taebo stuff lol, sounds fun

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