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Help with getting back on track!!

Just looking for some help to get back on track with my diet...

I started Slimming World in April 2007 and lost 3 stones in about a year and a half. When the weight stopped coming off and I no longer had a loss every week I started to feel a bit embarrassed about going to class and in the end stopped completely.

Because I was scared about the weight creeping back on, a month later I joined another slimming world group. In six months I had lost and gained and was only 1 pound lighter than I was when I started the second group.

I think I had got used to being 3 stones lighter, being able to buy nicer clothes and feel generally healthier and didnt have the same motivation to lose weight as I had when I first started in 2007.

Again, I started to feel embarrassed about going to class and hearing how everyone had lost amazing amounts of weight and each week I had stayed the same. In the end I decided that it wasnt worth paying each week to go to class when I wasnt actually trying to do the diet so I stopped going.

A few months later I got engaged and a wedding date was set for 20 August 2011. I weighed myself for the first time since I stopped going to the second class and realised I had put a stone and a half on. I decided that it was time to go back to slimming world so joined group number three just before last Christmas.

Group three started well but then Christmas parties, Christmas itself, New Year, going on holiday, going out with friends (and every other excuse I could think of) got in the way and I put the weight I lost at the start of group three back on.

I have now missed going to this group for two weeks, feel embarrassed about going back again and am a bit sad that the group consultant hasnt got in touch with me to ask where I am or see how I am getting on!

In total since April 2007 I have lost one and a half stones.

I desperately need to lose weight for the wedding (ideally about 3-4 stones!) and am now considering joining group four!

I just feel I could go on forever joining groups, not losing weight, feeling embarrassed, moving on until I'd exhausted all the slimming world groups in my area and not being any slimmer for it!

Ultimately I've totally lost my motivation and I know that no-one can help me to lose weight until I am prepared to give 100% to it . I'm depressed because the clothes I'd resigned to the back of the wardrobe are now making another appearance and I feel really unfit. I binge on crisps and chocolate all the time and am struggling to get back on track.

If anyone has any advice at all it would be much appreciated.

Just writing down how I'm feeling has helped....
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Don't feel embarrassed about going back. Im sure many people are in the same situation. Keep thinking of your wedding to keep you motivated and going! If you keep at it you will begin to see a loss. Did you keep a food diary before? doing this can really help to see how you're getting on.

Good luck!!
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Out of all the groups you've been to I'd re-join the one you like the best. Nobody will mind you re-joining so there is really no need to be embarassed.

Just think if you don't go back to class & when you get married you are the weight you are now. Lose weight for yourself & don't be emarassed about going back.

I had 16lb to lose when I joined SW this time last year, & I'm still 4lbs away from my target weight. Sometimes I lose 1lb sometimes I gain 1lb, but I don't care I'm still losing in the long term.

Why don't you do some window shopping for a wedding dress to get you motivated & imagine how you will look & how everyone will admire you looking so good in your dress.

I keep a food diary & I also keep a spreadsheet with the dates, weight lost/gained & how many syns I had left. Keeping a food diary can sometimes be a bit of a bind but it really does help and its a reminder of what you have really eaten.
I know how you feel. I've started and stopped so many diets. I've been thinking a lot this week about how I've stayed the same for a few weeks and how maybe I should give up...

But then I think about the weeks when I have lost the most weight and what I did right - no chocolate, no eating out, doing some exercise and planning my meals in advance.

I dont know if I'll stick with it if I don't lose at next weigh in, but I do know what I'm doing wrong...

maybe have 1 day off a week and make this a chocolate/take away day, and find an exercise that you like (zumba, wii fit, walk the dog...)
Hi, I joined SW last June and had managed to lose 1 1/2 stone , I felt so good. For some reason (can't think of any significant that has happened) I have started to binge on crisps, chocolate and cheese. I feel so demotivated by it. Vernon 26 hope you manage to get back on track, keep me posted. I am going to try really hard and take it one day at a time
Thank you all for your comments and advice. I'm going to go back to group for definite this week and hopefully draw a line under everything and start again!! A food diary is a really good idea and I know the weeks when I've lost the most in the past is when I've kept a record of everything I've eaten.

I'll keep you posted and hopefully I can manage to turn things around!

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