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Help with low fat meal plan please?

Hi all,

I am trying to make a meal plan with as little fat as poss and wondered if anyone could help please?

My sister & I are going to go on a low fat diet along with 30 mins of Wii Fit a day in a bid to get rid of our lard arses :D (and hopefully will both be on Xenical soon too).

I have one lunch meal so far and that`s it :rolleyes:

Small fillet of Rainbow Trout with Pilau Rice and Salad

I will have Berry Optivia for breakfast with skimmed milk and my sister will have Weetabix - Is that ok?

It is lunch and main meals I am struggling with :rolleyes:

Any help will greatly be appreciated :D

Hope you`re all having a fabby weekend :D

LiSe ( & Kim) Xxxxxxx
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Ok, lunches I have things like,
wholemeal pitta bread with BBQ chicken ( from Morrisons), extra light philly, and a wee bit of salad.
2 slice wholemeal bread, tomato sauce and 4 rashers of turkey bacon and a sliced tomato.
4 ryvita, philly extra light and wafer thin ham, sliced tomato.
4 dutch crisp bakes and small tin of morrisons eat smart tuna mayo,
Also at lunchtime I have soup, either a soup that is low fat like say Heinz lentil ( again its label reading time lol), or I make a batch of homemade veg soup ( carrot, leek and swede, wee bit of garlic and some dried corriander..blend when cooked ) keep it in the fridge and have a mug at lunch time.
At dinner time I make things like
packet of seafood cocktail ( NOT the ones with crab sticks...I love crab sticks, but not with this lol), about 125g of a tomato pasta sauce, and wholewheat pasta.
100g turkey fillet, 200g new potatoes ( in their skins), broccoli, green beans and sprouts.
100g extra lean minced beef ( ASDA have one that is 3% fat), about 125g tomato pasta sauce, mushrooms, and wholewheat pasta.
100g chicken or turkey, muchrooms, onion, waterchestnuts and bamboo shoots, serving of blue dragon chow mein sauce, serve with noodles or brown rice,
same as above only swap chow mein sauce for sweet n sour sauce :)
If I think of anything else, I'll put it here :)

Thanks Ali!

You`re a STAR :D x

I am having to work it out for me and my sister - Dunno why she trusting me to get it right cos i`m useless :8855:

I think I will also buy some WW meals as standby - I don`t know where Morrisons is here, So will have to get checking the labels in Tescos. Will mean getting off my fat butt and going in tho! I usually do an online shop.

Thanks again and sorry for always asking stuff!!

LiSe Xxx
I have had baked potatoes, baked beans filling with salads. Pasta and "My Dolmio" sauce, which hasn't caused me any problems with tablets. Veg and chicken breast. I've got things like savoury rice too, which will bulk up a meal. Crispbreads with low fat philly. Also I like wholemeal toast on a morning with low fat philly, yum.
Thanks Amanda :D

How are things going with you?? Have you dared weigh yourself and have you had any side effects yet?

LiSe xX
good luck im on xenical and i have

2 weatabix with skimmed milk OR some fruit for breakfast.

Soup with handful of mixed seeds to bulk it out and be more filling for lunch. OR something like one scrambled egg on one toast.

tea usually consists of ham or chicken salad sometimes tuna .. served with ethier pitta bread or jacket potato

snacks are usually rice cakes ,yougurt , go ahead bars.

im stuck with the above as i dont know much else lol.. so im grabbing a few of the above ideas.
Welcome! And thanks for the ideas :D

How long have you been taking it? Have you had any bad side effects and have you dared weigh yourself yet?

Sorry for being a nosy moo! Feel free to tell me shove off ;)

LiSe xX
WOW Just seen your siggy!!

Is the 2 stone since Jan due to the Xenical??

I REALLY hope it works well with me :( I have 4-5 stone to lose!! :(


Hi Lise,

I've not had horrible side effects, just feeling bloated and rumbling stomach a lot. I'm not weighing myself at all, gonna wait til I go back to doctors in 3 weeks. I'm slightly tempted but don't wanna be disappointed if I haven't lost anything yet, want to give it a fair go first. You decided if you're going to take them or not yet?
Glad to hear you`re not having any side effects x

I am 99% sure I will try them. I have my bloods on Weds and if I have to go on the cholesterol meds (which I think I will :( ) I am going to ask for the Xenical too.

Not sure how long it will be until I can start them as I am having lots of tests so it will prob take 10 days - 2 weeks for everything to come back, Then I have to get an actual appt with the Dr for the results.

Hope you`re having a good Sunday x
Hi Lise this is my 4th day on xenical and no problems, however i had a packet of snack a jacks and didnt check the fat content. They were 7.5 for 100g and i think they made ny tummy turn just a ittle. I have been having a selection of cereal for breakfast with skimmed milk. Lunch has been a sandwich and m&s low fat crisps & yogurt. Dinner has been salads and new potatoes , tuna or chicken or tesco low fat ready meal and extra light salad cream. I tend to snack on ww buscuits and porridge for supper. I am following the ww diet and have 24 points so im combining them both. I feel really posative and cant wait to get weighed on Wednesday good luck keep us informed!!! Sharon :px
Thanks for the meal ideas :D

Glad everything seems to be going well for you! Hope the snackajacks don`t produce any nasty side effects! ;)

Keep up the good work and good luck for your weight in

LiSe Xxx

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