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help with my fitness pal

Hi peeps!

just signed up for my fitness pal.
im just getting my head around this as ive always used food focus in the past and that seemed more straight forward.

a few questions for ppl already using it.
how many cals and fatg does it tell you to eat (anyone in the 12.9 stone range? n 5'2 in height? its telling me to eat 1360 cals and 45g fat does this seem correct?)

Are you only limited to the protien amount it tells you? I cant seem to find any food in the protien range that its giving me i keep going WAY over! so should i ignore this and stick to the calories / fat counting using the tool though?

what do you do if u cant find the specific food ur eating? do you go for the nearest match?

is the nutrition info on there based on 100g servings? for food items?
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sorry cant help but im sure someone will be along soon that can :) id be intrested to find out more about it too
never even seen/heard of my fitness pal , but i hope someone comes along that does know xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
Hey im a mfp expert!! I just stick to calories and fat. Try to do the carbs buut not fussed of i go over a little.
If you eat a food that is not on there there is a section where you can add it. Just input the data and it will be there the next time you need it!!

i do find it a pain when its measured in cups but theres usuallay a 1gm option and i just put 40 servings (for a 40g serving lol)

does this and my pm help at all hun?
Hi hun,

Although it sets the calories and all other nutrients for you you can manually adjust them in the "my home" tab, "change goals" then select the "custom" option then you will be able to adjust whichever nutrients you want to suit you, so the fat one i have got at 25% which is 44g, i dont tend to worry about anything other than the fat and the calorie options though i have left the calorie setting as it provided and only amended the fat one.

However as I am doing mine along with WW, i have added the saturated fat on mine so it shows on my "food" grid.
To do that: select "food" tab, then "settings" then it will show you that you can track up to 6 nutrients, so I added in sat fat, so use the drop down till you are happy with which nutrients you want to track and then select "save changes" it is in this section that you can also edit what you want the meals to be called and is good for those that may eat 5/6 smaller meals a day...or you could name them to match in with work breaks....such as elevenses Lol.

In terms of the food you add, when you have typed in a food to search and you get the results, you can see the nutrients for it without adding it to your "meal" just above where it says "how much" it has smaller text "nutritional info" that will open a small page to show you what the other user has put for that food, this hellps you gage if it is the right one for your meal...If not just on the right of the "search" option there is "enter a food not listed" here you can add a food items nutrition in and it will auto store it for you...you can also select that it can be accessed by other MFP users.

Once you have added food items to your "meal" you can select it to remember that meal, e.g. i regularly have stir fry so i have added all the veg and noddles etc...saved the meal called it stir fry{add meat seperately} so i add that then add whichever meat i have used a seperate part to the meal....I have done this as I went along as we dont really have ready meals we cook from scratch a lot...these arent accessable by other MFP users and to see them once saved or add them you can search as normal to add them, to see them "food" then "my meals"

hope this has helped, I find it invaluable. xx

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