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Help with Note Pad please

My lovely sister has bought me a Note Pad for my birthday in September. She is bringing it over with her. I am thrilled to bits.

Can I transfer everything from my lap top to it and if I can how do I do it and then how do I clean the lap top ready to hand it over to Paul for him to use?? He is not that interested in computers really but likes to have one for Skype etc. so this one would be great for him.

I would be grateful or help cos I know some of you are so clever with puters.
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I'm not clever with them but I sell them. I presume you mean a netbook like a Toshiba/Samsung/Acer/Asus? They don't have DVD drives so it's quite difficult to install things on them that are on a disc. However, anything can be transferred from one to the other using a USB pen drive (memory stick).

I have NO idea about cleaning up your laptop though. You'll need a proper techie to answer that one!
Yes one of those thingies I think, a netbook

Thank you I will get a USB thingy and hope someone I know can be coerced into " helping " me.


Trying - very!

I have an external drive you can borrow - although it's a long way to come to get it. But you will also need one to load any programs onto the Note pad that you need - like Microsoft Office etc. We could meet up at Alicante airport if that's any use as I'll be a regular visitor in late September and October meeting friends and family.

Re you old laptop. You can just delete all your files and then run a "defrag" to get rid of all the dead space. Alternatively take it to a PC shop and get then to rebuild it for you. Again I can help you with this if you like but not until late October!

If you need any help PM me.
Thanks Bev................that is a generous offer.

I do have a desk top as well so I think the notethingy would be o.k. if I just used it for my day today stuff. i.e. emails, minimins etc.

What are you doing up a stupid o'clock !!!!


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Now, I don't know a lot about computers, but I have recently also gone from a laptop to a netbook, so I can work in the kitchen easier! To transfer stuff over, I used one of those little USB pen drives, you can pick them up quite cheaply now. My old laptop needs cleaning out too, and I've been told that the best way to get it back to as it was when you purchased it, is to format it. I have never done this, but AFAIK you need the Windows discs it came with. Many computer shops will do this for you, and they will also back stuff up for you too.


Trying - very!
What are you doing up a stupid o'clock !!!!
I'm in insomniac mode at the moment. I've always been a night owl and am never in bed much before 2am. But I've not been able to get to sleep very well for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Think it's the heat plus I've had a bout of hot flushes after 18 months free!

Went to bed at 7am, read for a while and finally fell asleep at 8am just as hubby was getting up to go to his "job". He blogs the Daily Telegraph crossword on Wednesday!

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