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S: 10st10lb C: 10st1.5lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 0st8.5lb(5.67%)
Last year I gained 2 stone in 8 weeks despite being loosely on SW. Since June 2016 I've been trying to loose it on SW. I was walking at least a minimum of 8 miles a day through work ( was working 2 jobs most days ) 18 months later I have lost only 7lb despite SW and the gym min 3 days a week for two hours. And a minimum of 1300 steps each day No pounds or inches lost.

Spoke to a couple of PT there who get the to know the regulars and they all agreed I was working hard enough, so tonight it was back to the GP to ask for yet another Thyroid test advice etc..

Talking to me she decided that if everything came back normal on blood tests that she would really like me to try a course of Orlistat to kick start things.. ( I also suffer from depression, anxiety and also Sleep anxiety which obviously can not be managed as you are obviously not awake) and she believes weight loss would help

unfortunately I am just a few pounds below the criteria so she can't prescribe so I am looking into buying it online as she obviously thinks it is the way to try. I follow SW CV and exercise to no avail.

Bread and pasta limited as I know carbs slow my losses and I eat low fat.
I would like to try Orlistat sourced on my own as obviously my GP thinks it's the way..

just worried about eating and the side effects

Fat free/ low fat isn't a problem for me it's what I eat anyway.. so I guess it's what are your experiences are, BV what foods should I not even

Thanks xx
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