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HELP with rainbow drops...


Resident geek
good thanks.. hehe.. hows you?

Im not sure why but i take an unhealthy interest in WW considering its not even the diet im doing.. lol..

and rainbow drops are lush hehe

x x


Silver Member
noooo!! They are spawn of the devil! I've never tasted one thats been good! Always stale, tasteless and have to fish the crap out from my teeth afterwards. Don't eat them, pick something else!
Yes, and they were nasty too! I only ate the topping off the orange one, spat out the bisciut bit and fed the rest to the dog!

Now the sour apple boiled sweets, sherbet fountains, and black jacks. They were good! Oh yeah, sherbet pips and rainbow gem sherbet powder. Great stuff.


Resident geek
ooh i like fruit salads.. and i love sour apple sweeties.. hehe..!!!!!!!
i dont know if anyone remembered lick? it was like a chocolatey powder.. and you used to ask for a certain amount.. and they used to weigh it out.. man that stuff was good..

x x
Nah, don't remember that one, but I am going back decades! At least 3! I remeber when snickers first came out as a marathon bar, and when double deckers came out, and opal fruits were opal fruits and not flippin' starbursts, and there were Aztec bars.....


Resident geek
i remember when opal fruits were opal fruits.. and then changed.. i mean.. starburst of all names.. sheesh..! from then on i refused to eat them.. and still havnt.. shame nothing else changed their name.. LOL..

x x
I'm trying to find out the points value of rainbow drops too, its silly you can't find it anywhere! I love them, but whenever i open them its like an explosion and they go everywhere lol.x


Spam Hunter
SW is great. I take so much food into work to ensure I'm never hungry and when I get home I can still eat loads if I want to! Perfect!

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