Help with soup needed


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Ok only on second day of lipotrim....already discovered the strawberry shakes are yuk....vanilla surprisingly ok and even the soup wasnt to bad...but question about the soup...can you mix it then heat in microwave instead in a saucepan?? would make life at work easier if i can
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Personaly I mix it in the shaker, add cold water, chuck in the powder and shake (mixes much better in cold water, lot less lumps!), then add the boiling water from the kettle. Added bonus this way is that its the right temperature to drink, where as all hot water is too scolding!

Dont shake in the shaker with boiling water though, as it will explode!!


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I agree with milktray man but im sure someone will be along who makes it in the microwave just to let you know your tastes do change therfore can i suggest you try the strawberry shake again in a couple of weeks

all the best

xx Sharron


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Its been advised not to warm them in the microwave as you can lose the nutrients that way. Best just to make it with the warm water and no need for microwaving then.
I still hate the soup on day 6.


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i just put mine in a jug, add hot water and then blitz it with the hand whisk.Just had some now and it was foul as i didnt add paprika or pepper to it!!!xxx


I'm losing it big time !!
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Ohh I must have missed that tip about adding paprika / pepper I've saved a sachet of soup to try again I'm really hoping I can get to like it otherwise I'm looking at 8 months of strawberry and vanilla . I can't stand the chocolate ones :rolleyes:


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always add paprika and pepper and you will grow to love the soup.....or at least stomache


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cheers.....i find the soup ok which is odd as before this i refused to touch all packet foods....will retry strawberry at some point when i am feeling brave....the bars were....well hell is the only word...Just coming to the end of day 3 so still very early days but so far its been easier then i thought.
Have to say reading forums helps loads as reminds you why your doing it


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i liked the soup ont the 1st day and liked it (with pepper) however i tried to have it yesterday and couldnt stop heaving ?? .i was having a panic coz i have another 3 sachets left but my wonderful friend has saved the day and has a few packs of strawberry left so she has just brought them round what a life saver !!


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You could also try adding chilli flakes to your soup.
I tried another one this morning before WI as it was all I had left, but I still dont like it. I swapped my remaining 2 when I went for my appt.