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Help with syns - birthday next week

Where are you thinking of going for your birthday meal? It'll help to plan ahead re what you might choose to eat / drink so you can decide if best to be green / original / ee, and how many syns to put aside.

Try to leave enough so that the rest of the week isn't too horrible!


Strutting her stuff
Look at the Wetherspoons threads in the eating out forum for an idea of syns and how many to set aside - but I would always say to use at least 5 a day

I was there yesterday and had the 5 bean chilli as that is only four and a half syns - the sweet chilli noodles is also fairly low
Can also recommend their Five bean chilli, just asked for them to hold the tortilla chips, and give you extra rice. They're really good about it. And it is really yummy.
Thanks for the replies girls :) I'd probably be doing extra easy that day. I'm considering maybe having a flexi syn day, but I'm abit wary about doing that as it's so soon after Christmas :/
If you're going to have a flexi syn day you need to decide beforehand how many syns you are going to allow yourself. That way you still stay in control. Also by having a flexi syn day you need to be aware you may gain or STS at next WI, will you be happy with this?

Don't forget you can have up to 105 syns per week, I really think you'll struggle to have that many on your birthday. Perhaps for this week you could use your syns on a weekly basis that way you still have a nice time & stay in control and possibly over the week within your syn allowance.

Whatever you decide have a lovely day;)

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