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Help with Syns

Hey, I'm just getting to grips with SW joined a couple of weeks ago on bodyoptimize and so far have failed miserably what with xmas left overs and birthday treats ooopps!
Startin to get the hang of it now but have a question about roast potatoes...... Eating at the parent inlaws today and not sure I can do without at least a couple of roasties - found the syn value but if I count the potato as a HExB do you know what I need to syn them as? Am I just synning the oil used? At home I use fry light but I know my potatoes won't be done that way today (I'm already taking a mullerlight to substitute pud so dont want to miss out on the spuds aswell)
Any help appreciated

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You'd have to syn the oil used but you can only count the potatoes as a B if they're done in the skins, otherwise you'd have to syn the spuds as well on red (or they would be free but for the oil if you were on EE).
Why not take your own skin on and weighed out spuds, spray them with frylite and ask if you can bung them in the oven? That way, can use the B and no syns either.
Hope this helps.
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Jeni, what you have to think about is what you want more, spuds for lunch or lose weight, dont have the spuds, have a few baby boiled, enjoy the meal and come home knowing that you have done really well and still enjoyed yourself.


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I agree 100% with eye, I wouldn't have the potatoes full stop. I have had dinner at my parents' today and had beef, broccoli and carrots while they all tuck into roasters and buttery mash. I don't mind, I want to make my second stone in 12 weeks so can't afford to have time off, there'll be plenty of time for roast potatoes (within reasonable limits) when I'm a skinny minnie :)

You can do it x
Thanks all. I gave in and had a spud (but just the 1) Weighed myself too - as don't have scales at home and I've not gained any weight this week (which is a miracle as it was my birthday and had cake, pizza hut and a curry this week!) and only did about 2 days of the plan. Can't wait to see what I can achieve if I make it a whole week!

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