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help with xenical

hi my nurse is putting me on xenical on tues coming up, so any advice would be appreciated, like what foods are best to eat, and have noticed some people mention mfp what is that please, does a little bit of alcholol affect it as i have a drink maybe once or twice a week, i do exercise i started going gym and areobics and have done zumba, sorry to be asking questions i want to suceed this time and lose weight and try to avoid any toilet issues, last question if you know your going to eat something that is a little bit high in fat how many days before should i not take a pill , i ask that question as me and my b/f have a night of over weekend were we have a drink and a food treat ie curry or pizza , thanks sarah:)
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Hi & welcome!

I think someone has bumped the useful threads for you to read...

Alcohol seems to affect some but not others. I went out last night & drank a lot & so far all ok but it could still catch up with me....

Lex x
Hi welcome :)
Mfp is a phone app/ web page called myfitnesspal.com, it's great for counting cals.. Adding recipes etc and is FREE To use :)

I think it is 72 hours.. For not taking xenical if u have a high fat item, I have had 2-3 slices pizza while on xen and was ok (ish) my thoughts are better to take it and have it work on the extra fat I have eaten than to have the fat stay in my body! Using xenical is about changing what and how you eat, fitting in the things u like but having less and choosing a low fat option if u can.. Like thin crust pizza, low fat cheese or no cheese, plus no high fat meat options like sausage etc.. And only 2 slices.. And no chicken wings.. Garlic bread etc...

Try fry light spray in your cooking, rather than oil or butter :)

Good luck
Hi Guys,

I love reading all of your stories and relating to them. I am starting with xenical next week and trying to understand it fully first. This might seem a bit daft but I am a bit confused with the 15g of fat per meal. I picked up a pre packaged microwave burger in the shop and it had 11g of fat in it...surely this is bad but fits within the 15g per meal rules? Has anyone got a shopping list or food diary to share, im struggling on ideas. I was thinking, muller light and a cereal bar for breakfast. Tuna pasta for lunch/ cripsbread and ham and cucumber. Dinner. meat, potatoes and veg...but thats all I have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanksx
Hi Sammi welcome to the xen family!

The biggest rule is no foods that are more than 5g per 100g and I'm as sure as I can possibly be that any burger will be way above that. The 15g per meal is a rule yes but that has to be made up of foods less than 5g per 100g.....

Stuck to that & you should be fine with toilet situation, I have been....

Good Luck x
Thank you, I think I'm getting my head around it all. Is portion size a problem? So if i have tuna pasta for lunch, do I need to weigh everything to make sure the grams of fat arent over 15g per meal?
sammib10 said:
Thank you, I think I'm getting my head around it all. Is portion size a problem? So if i have tuna pasta for lunch, do I need to weigh everything to make sure the grams of fat arent over 15g per meal?
Hi yes weighing every thing is a good idea! I weigh my special k in the morning, and measure my skimmed milk

If I have pasta I weigh it before I cook it, checking how many cals it works out to in myfitnesspal (mfp)

Also check the mayo your eating, the Hellmans extra extra light is within the 5g per 100g just look on the back of the packet,

I also eat a few tesco light choices meals between 200 cals and 400 cals
hi thanks for the advice, the first weekend went well, and just wanted to say i dont eat a lot of burgers anyway, but i did have a venison burger with veg and on the pack it said there was 3 grams of fat in the whole burger apparently venison is quite a lean meat, and with the veg it bulked it out made quite a nice change , got my official weigh in about a week and halfs time but after weighing myself i already lost 4lb so was very pleased , but i have done quite a bit of exercise , even went gym today (sunday) which is very rare for me:eek:

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