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Help, Worried!


I have started ss this morning but so far do not like any of the flavours i have tried

(apple & cinamon porridge & chicken & mushroom soup).

Sorry if TMI but i have a awful and very sensitive gag relfex and both times i was almost so sick i didnt finish either meal.

I really hope i like the other sweeter flavours otherwise i dont know what i am going to do :cry:

I am so geared up for this in my mind but i do not know what i am going to do if i cant swallow the meals.

Any ideas or tips would be gratefully received.

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When you find a shake you like, mix a tablespoonful of it into plain porridge and make it with a big more water so is a smooth texture.
I chop and change what I prefer from week to week. Just a case of trying everything to decide. Im lucky because I actually LOVE everything Ive tried so far.
Have you tried mousse yet?
Thank you Piella and andju

I have got the mouse stuff to try tonight with a strawberry one. Hoping it will be like angel delight!

Thank you andju for the link. I am really worried as i thought once i got my head round missing food that the rest would be easy but am angry at myself and worried that i cant even drink it without gagging at the mo!
mousse is so good-I live for the stuff!
try mint choc or toffee and walnut-scumptious! U definatly need an electric hand blender/whisk tho...
Thank you. I have got my blender out and ready! I so hope i like it otherwise i dont know what i am going to do! :cry:

Can i ask how you make yours?

Thanks for the advice
oh ummm...
I cant remember offhand how much water I use....I think I use 200 mls of ice cold water. Mix the mousse powder (you get a spoon in the tub of Mom-so a level spoonfull) into the shake sachet and shake up. Whack it into the water. Whisk with the blender for a few minutes til you get of of bubbles on the top. Bung it in the freezer for 15 mins and voila!
Mint is sooooo good. Wish we could have more than one mousse a day...im obsessed with the stuff. Good luck tho-the first time I tried was awful!!! But i used a hand whisk-blughhhh.xxx
The secret with the mousse is to use really freezing cold water and whisk it really well. I personally use a free-standing blender, I put 150mls of freezing water in then sprinkle the shake mix on top and then add the mix-a-mousse (level spoon) blend it for 2 minutes then pour it into a bowl and pop it in the fridge. Because both me and hubby are doing CD together I divide the mixture into two bowls then make up a second batch of a different flavour about 10 minutes later and pour it on top. Our favourite is Chocolate Orange & Vanilla, or Chocolate Mint & Vanilla. Good luck.

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