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Help WW online or SW online?!

Hi, I've just signed up and I'm looking to join an online class. I have a 5 month old baby, I'm a vegetarian and need something simple to do but I do have a fair bit of weight to shift!

I've been looking at WW and SW online, and was wondering if people could give me their views on them if they've tried both or either of them.

I'm sure they basically do the same thing, have recipes online, track your loses etc, however the WW is a lot cheaper, but I like the SW ease of 'syns'.

Can anyone help? I'm looking to start next week and want to get some of the foods instock ready to start so theres no excuses!

Thanks xx
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I've not done Slimming world but I'm currently in my 4th/5th month of Weight Watchers and I'm really surprised at how easy it is to follow.
No foods are off limits as long as you keep within your points allowence and following the points system is quite easy once you get the hang of it.
My Mum did weight watchers before me and I never really liked the look of it but now I'm glad I started. I've lost just over 3 stone since I started and my eating habits have become much healthier (I'm having a lot more fruit and veg and I never used to touch Salad but now I have it most days) and I haven't had to really cut out my favourite foods. I can still have Pizza and Subway sandwiches, if I fancy a latte at Uni I can have it just so long as I count it into my points.
Wow, brilliant news on the weight loss!! Congrats!!

I think I'm leaning more towards SW as I'm not sure about having to count up points all day long!! I'm going to go have another nosey around the WW site, a shame they dont do a free trial to give you a taste, as I'd hate to pay £30 (or £60 for SW) and then be stuck with it for 3 months if I dont like it!!
You eventually do get the hang of the points thing. If I'm out I tend to write down my points and then I know exactly what to put into the online tracker when I get home.

Whatever you decide to do, best of luck with your weight loss journey :)


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If you do want to sign to ww online do a search for cash back sites there is def one that if you join online through it - the cashback reward covers the online fee - hope this makes sense am rushing to get ready for work.
I prefer WW out of the two, even though I've not done SW before - the thing with SW is there are free foods such as pasta or rice, but if you have to be sure that you're not piling them onto your plate as it won't work - I find WW teaches you to evaluate portion control. Once you've done the plan for a couple of months it becomes second nature and you'll know the points values of your favourite foods off the top of your head! xxx

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