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I've been doing LL for 6 months and was completely abstinent for 24 weeks and lost 82 lb!!! anyway a week before i was due to start management i cheated for the first time and ever since then i have lost the plot!! i keep binging and i've put on 9lb !! it's doing my head in, i only need to lose the 9lb again but just can't seem to get in the zone - if i stick to it like a did for the first 6 months it would only take me a couple of weeks !! help, why can't i do this for myself when i have come so far, i've gone from a size 20 to a size 10 and i am so close but i can see my old habits creeping back in! I'm actually off work ill today and i am sat here with the fridge calling me, i am so determind to see today through, any support would be very welcome X
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Not sure if this is the best advice or not BUT why not start RTM now? Maybe your body has reached the point where it needs a bit more than than the packs? and maybe the "new start" will give you the enthusiasm you had all those months ago.
Don't be too hard on yourself - your loss is brilliant - you need to stop with the bad habits tho before it all goes back on (I should know :eek:)
good luck


Playing the Angel
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There is only one way forward hun, speak to your LLC immediately, do a refreshers week or 2 on abstinence if that is what they suggest, then start RTM and do it slowly and properly. All the successful weight maintainers on here like BL and SB have done management and managed to keep the weight off :) I am only on week 4 of RTM myself and determined to see it through. So far so good. Most importanly, CONGRATULATIONS on your fabulous weight loss. Really amazing. Pop onto the boards there is loads of encouragement and help and always someone to chat to. Hope you can find a way forward hun. Try doing some thought records and re read over some of your foundation material. Re set your goals and remember why you are doing this in the first place. Re adjust the goals if necessary. Good Luck hun, hope you manage to get back on track.

Self sabotage

Hi H,
So sorry you are having this battle with yourself at the moment.
The others are right. Celebrate whatyou have achieved already. Well done.
It's not uncommon for people to hit a buffer at this stage. Can be for various reasons:

  • Not wanting to move away from your LL group.
  • Being afraid of re-introducing food and possibly losing the plot.
  • Maybe the weight you are now is related to a time in your past?
  • Perhaps the size you are now is where you want to be.
  • Other people telling you not to lose any more.
You are right to nip it in the bud before you feel completely out of control, but keep it in perspective.
You haven't lost the plot.
Speak to your LLC and decide how you're going to do it and get back in control.
You KNOW you can do it. Look what you've already achieved.
Come back and keep us posted.
Good luck xx

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