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:wave_cry:hi people new to this, my names kellyanne and i have been trying cambridge diet on and off for ages! i always fail, even knowing that every time i come back its harder! :cry:hoping someone will give me some wise words of help? i want to drop about 2 sizes for a party i have and maybe a last minute hol middle of Nov! when i look at all your threads you have all done so well. x
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Well, I am not the wisest person in the world. But I do know if you can manage to stick to this diet the weight is guaranteed to come off. Just stick with it for the first few days and then it gets easier.

If you struggle with SS, why don't you try SS+ or 810, the losses are just as good, and you might find it easier to stick to. If you are ok with those, you could then work down to SS.

Anyway good luck, hope you meet your target.
Ok firstly you need to make a plan. Count the weeks you've got and set a realistic goal. Put that goal in big letters somewhere you'll see it. Then sit with your eyes closed and imagine what you will wear, what you will look like, who will be there, what they'll be saying to you, smells and sounds. Play it in your head like a mini movie for a whole minute.
Then on the diet do this as many times as you can a day. When your head knows exactly what you want, your will power will be stronger.
You can do this, others can and so can you, there is no reason you can't is there. You seem so motivated at the mo. Keep trying and it will come.
Good luck - you'll get there.


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Hi Kellyanne,

Welcome to MiniMins!

I think Chlo and flowey have given some excellent advice.

Put your slip behind you now and move forward.

It might help to join one of the weight loss challenges that are going on or join a team.

It helps to put up a ticker, here is the link which will show you step by step how to do it.


You need the bb code for here.

If you need any help, please ask.

Love Mini xxx
I agree with flowey too.... think realistically about what you can manage and make a plan and stick to it. you will have the willpower in there somewhere, you just need to find it! All of us are on here because we struggle with our weight yet we then manage to restrict ourselves when its needed. Have faith in your body and mind and dont sweat what you cant change (as it your last meal) and worry about what you can, (as in your next meal). good luck and we will all support you as much as we can!
Hi kellyanne

Put today's blip behind you, good luck reaching your goal. I struggled a few times to get started on CD, I really don't have much willpower and I'm greedy. But somehow getting the first (difficult) week out of the way seems to be the key to progressing onwards towards your dreams. Best wishes x
thanks everyone for all your comments, you are so right. OH has just told me he thinks we should get a holiday booked for end of nov aswell, so thats a hol and my pals party i want to be slimmer for. 100% starting tomorow. xx
kellyanne, a holiday is a VERY good idea...i do little breaks away to keep me going have one in 5 weeks coming up and cannot wait ...its a good motivator

good luck x
yeah they are aint they, every holiday ive been on the last few years i have moaned about my weight. This is the embarising part, ive been trying cambridge since summer 2007. most i lost was just over a stone doing ss+, and although every1 tells me they dont belive in this diet, i know i can stick to it, i just want to be able to do it and prove them all wrong. 5 weeks time, you must be looking forward! by the way you have done so well, you must be so proud of yourself xx
Hey Kellyanne

Good luck with your journey and trust someone who nis the worst dieter in the world, you can do this, ive done so many diets and failed and this is was my last chance diet. I love it. I missed the food at first and did some stopping and starting but now I see the results and im over the moon.

Draw a line to the past and start over new tomorrow, drink plenty of water and try and get through the day and do it day by day, baby steps. You can do it. I find chatting on here helps and joining different challanges helped me too.

Good luck but know you can do it xx
Kellyanne, I'm glad your going to go for it again, it really does work fast and a 5week goal is a short but very noticable goal.

Now keep picturing yourself on hols and what your going wear. Think of that everytime your brain says 'I can't do this' or 'a different diet'.

Don't even think about previous attempts. I have also been on and off the diet since Spring, had holiday goals every 5/6 weeks aswell but then once hols were over, I lost focuss. Lots of failed re-starts, but now have a hol. weekend party end of Nov. Got the motivation now and my motivation is stronger. So you can do it too ... we are all here for the hard times. Very very good luck
Kellyanne, keep in mind the end goal and don't take your eyes off it. I am also one of the worst at sticking to diets but this time I have done it and managed to wear on holiday this summer some clothes that I bought years ago and have never been able to get into. My thighs didn't rub together when I walked around the pool, my reflection kept surprising me in the hotel mirrors and I could get up off the sunbed without heaving my carcass around like a stranded whale. Look at the long term picture, the weeks it will tkae you to get to where you want to be are a drop in the ocean.
Good luck
thanks guys you have made me feel much better, didnt stuff my face the weekend. Had my shake this morning and have drank some of my water and feeling motivated. My OH has been on looking at the holiday, havent been away since start of year so were going to splash out and go to dubai and stay in atlantis, and guess what they have a bath in the room, so you can watch tv. Thats my goal, i would never lie in a bath in front of my OH at this weight! sounds weird but just thought i would share. flowery you have the same goals eah a holiday and the party. we'l both be celebrating when i loose the wight. (not saying IF anymore) thanks guys xx

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