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Hi All, I'm really depressed this week! i have lost 21 lbs in the past 5 weeks which is fab but last week i lost nothing! i have been 100% on SS since i started the diet and after last weeks weigh in i moved to SS+. I'm due to be weighed on Friday but i'm just sooo fed up of not having a normal life!!! Despite this however, i desperately don't want to give up! Aaaarrrrgggghhh sorry to moan!!! Hope you are all feeling so much better than me at the mo x:cry:
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Congratulations on your weight loss 21lbs in 5 weeks is amazing. Going up to SS+ really won't effect your weight loss, and even if you are having a slower week, have faith it will all drop off sooner or later. Keep it up and don't stress over it.
its just one week, it will balance out. sometimes i think your body pauses for a minute then suddenlt catches up! yr losses have been fantastic and above the average ( a stone a month) so keep going you can do it!! but feel free to come on here and vent anytime! am sure i will be doing it at some point!
I've only been on CD for a week and feel like that already !! You have done really well, keep at it...just remember its not forever.
Oh if your really bored , I mean really bored you can check back some of my threads about not losing anything on two weeks!!!! I was mortified.

Anyway as you can see I needn't had been it all moved off weeks after

Hang in there !! Ss+ is fab it's what I've done from day one :)

Good luck x
My weight losses have certainly slowed down, got a weigh-in on Saturday and would not be surprised if it is very modest for a two week interval since last weigh-in.
A colleague who has done lighterlife summed it up well for me, she was happy if she got any kind of loss because that was the whole point of embarking upon a diet.
But it is very true, that the losses do even out and a low loss can be followed by a greater one. Don't get disillusioned, you are succeeding x


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Hi - just think about how wonderful you will feel when you start getting into smaller sizes and feel so much fitter. From time to time it's hard not to join in with the food that other people are eating but it makes it all worth while when you see the progress you are making. Sometimes there is a glitch in your losses but as everyone says - you usually have a bigger loss the following week and as long as it's going down and not up it can be happily classed as progress!
Keep strong and you will get there but don't feel left out of meals etc - you can always have a meal from the SS+ plan. I had my first SS+ meal last night after 8 weeks on SS and I really enjoyed it but my stomach must have shrunk loads as I felt very full after it and it was a very small portion!

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