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S: 21st9lb G: 16st0lb
I am feeling very weak. Everyone at work is eating. The smell is driving me crazy. My tummy is rumbling. I feel like eating

Slap me about a bit, shake me up and down, tell me to be strong. I am wilting fast!!!! Only on day 3 and have been fine so far.

My eyes are firmly on the prize, but this is killing me!!!
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Do not break it now - you are almost at feeling fantastic day. It happened for me on day 4. Once you are over this you will look back on it and be so proud of yourself for resisting - hang in there! YOU CAN DO THIS. DRINK MORE WATER NOW to shift the hunger feeling

A xxx
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Neco, think how you will feel soon, slimmer........step back from the situation if you can....walk away and get drink of water.....take a few deep breaths and tell your self you can do this
DJ Ps just started to day....so you mustn't but me off....only joking hang in there
It WILL get better. Day 3 is usually the worst day I find. Just keep drinking the water and focus entirely on the diet, get through today and it will be a breeze from here on in.
Quick... read all the great thread on here, make a phone call, go for a walk and drink loads of water.....You'll be fine. Try not to fall off the wagon, you are doing so well
S xxx

PS - been a muppet and posted in the wrong place - if anyone knows how to edit..... :)


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S: 21st9lb G: 16st0lb
phew, the smell of food has wafted out of the door. No-one knows I am doing the diet. Have had a few comments about the amount of water I have been drinking, but feel a little embarrassed to tell anyone why I am drinking so much.

I think it has passed. Thanks all for your quick replies and support. I have to do it this time. I have been on and off since August!!!! Holiday in July and want to be thin and be proud to show ny hot bod off!!!!
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Ah hun well done! You are doing fantastically (?) and dont worry about your colleagues, there are loads of reasons why a person might drink a lot- and many are more embarrassing than yours! If you have to say something about the water how about: 2 litres a day is what people should be drinking anyways, so maybe u could just say that u read somewhere about how important it is and u feel u havent been drinking enough and so are now trying to drink the 2 litres?



somebody shrink me
I often say: I'm detoxing/ water is good for your skin/ I'm trying to avoid sugary drinks as advised by my dentist/ I'm hungover (I wish lol) / I'm cutting out caffeine and replacing it with water /etc....... just lie!!! If you're not comfortable telling people then it's none of their business!!

Good luck hun x
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S: 21st9lb G: 16st0lb
Thanks again, everyone on here is so very supportive.

I am drinking 6 litres of water a day at work!!! I will tell them all once it notices I have lost weight, but until then, I am an undercover dieter!
Get that pic of yourself taken in your speedo's NOW - will soon keep you on the straight and narrow :)


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