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Gone fishing
well...recognising that is the first step ;)

Time to change direction? :hug99:
I KNOW THE FEELING - tomorrow is D day for me - going to write up a diary of my first day and will aim to post daily with update - might not be of any interest to anyone else but I really do need to unburden as part of the process and having committed the madness to "paper" move on and know that I will not be back in this position again - onwards and upwards!
Best of luck
must be loads of people joining minimins this time of year! I have been on here before though.. I was quite successful for a month or so on cambridge but my lifestyle has sinced changed a great deal and I don't think it could be suitable for me for the moment..

was considering something like xenical to help with diet and exercise...I'm really busy at the moment so maybe something like circuit training?? I love team sports but I'm so out of practice I'm not good enough for a proper team.... ugh.. I just dunno!!!!

Anyone offer any advice on what the best way forward for me could be??


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im taking the DR prescribed xenical, and that alone does not work, you do need to eat right and exercise, but if you work your way into what you want to do, you will gradually get better and you never know you might be playing for england in that team sport you like!!!

Take a look around the different threads and ask questions about the good and the bad of each!! Everyone is here on mini's to help one another so you will get all the help and support you need!!!!
The only problem I have with Xenical is that if you eat right anyway, you shouldn't need it.. and if you don't eat right- then you risk crapping yourself... LOL!....

Cambridge is great- brilliant in fact- but any chance of a (even a sensible) social life goes out the window...... plus it's pricey..

Diet and exercise- amazing- brilliant- but, I lack motivation like every other overweight person in the room........ :(

I just wish I could afford a personal trainer and dietician to give me a massive kick up the backside!


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xenical helps along the way, and can give people quicker weightloss than that of someone just doing diet and exercise!!

Why not buddy up with someone on here who is going to be doing the same thing as you, and communicate with them on a regular basis on what you have or havent been doing, life in general.. Etc...


is going to loose!
Hi Catkins, we have all been in the mind set you are and I have been to having fleeting thoughts of 'god why cant I just wake up thin?'. But we know that it's just not going to happen.

I plan on weighing in in the morning and have already written a food plan for the week. I also have a concert to go to and a wedding. Basically, I'm in my 5th week of WW and have only lost 1.6kg's, although I have not weighed in nearly 2 weeks due to cancelled meetings over these past 2 weeks. However going to just take each day as it comes and stick to the plan and if I feel like a treat I have left points aside for it and will try and make it a healthy one. If not, I am NOT GOING TO PUNISH MYSELF FOR HAVING IT.

Pick yourself up hun, that's why you are here and everyone will help you along the way.

I just order a book 'The Gabriel Method' it's full of positive thinking and helping you to change your approach towards dieting and food. I'm going to let it influence my approach towards my daily points.

Best of luck and you can do this.


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