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S: 21st7lb C: 10st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 10st13lb(50.83%)
Have faith hun
If you are doing the diet 100% it will work by day 7 the scales will move .

Other things that make a difference are different scales read different weights
Have you moved the scales this also makes them read different
Is it always the same time of day I weigh 7lb heavier from first thing to bed time
And also hormonal chages make a big difference for me .


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S: 16st13lb C: 16st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 39 Loss: 0st10lb(4.22%)
Just throw the scales away!!! Only go by your Chemists scales they are the ones that matter. xxxx

Stick to this diet 100% and have 3ltrs of water a day on top of the recommended water with your shakes and you WILL lose weight!

Trust me I am a serial weigher and in the begining I was getting up 3 times a night to go to the loo (thank you water !!) and was weighing myself everytime I went.

All it did was to demoralise me and reinforce the feeling that I was bound to be doing something wrong. I would then spend days wondering why the scales weren't moving. Even though I would weigh myself in my birthday suit! Yet when I would hop on the chemists scales they would show big losses! Even if i was weighed in the afternoon!

For instance this week my scales did not move. In fact they would go up and then down. But when I hopped on the chemists scales I had lost 5lbs!!

I mentioned this to her and she said the same thing to me that she would weigh herself and get despondant. We both have snazzy electronic scales and they are both giving false readings.

So my advice is ditch the scales. Or put them somewhere you can't get at them. Get someone to hide them if possible!!

Its so much easier without them but I know its easier said than done and I am now 10 weeks in but I know they were my torture tool throughout this whole process.

For the past couple of days I have not weighed myself and I feel great for doing this. I hope I can keep off the scales at home. My OH uses them too but is now thinking it might be best to bin them.

Right I'm gonna chuck them out the window. Hopefully not clocking some one in the process !!


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go by your chemist scales harben ... I know its hard not to step on them at home, but in many cases doing so really dont help, especially if for instance they say you havent lost anything like yours did
(or even worse a gain!!!)it can sometimes turn people to think "stuff this all this hard work and im not loosing" then they go off and eat something... if you stick to your 1 weigh in a week at the chemist it gives you something to look forward to :) dont be down about the home scales .. keep at it and see what the chemist scales say. good luck x

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