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Hi everyone

I am on SS and I have been struggling this past week, this BH is not helping either and the fact that I have not been able to see my CDC for 2 weeks! I am on week 8 and have started to feel like a need to go to Tesco and fill my basket full of rubbish. I really don't want to do this deep down but I feel like I just need to eat. The fact that I am not seeing my CDC until Sat means I will have gone 3 weeks with no weigh in so nothing to spur me on!

I am feeling very agitated and would love just to go out for a nice meal with my husband on a bank holiday (I am feeling very sorry for myslef)

I don't know how much longer I can stay on SS, I am considering going onto the 810 plan, does anyone know how much weight loss you can expect with this? I just feel I need to eat something!! Really don't know what to do!!

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I know how u feel and im only on day 2! ha ha i feel very weak :( but just think of how much you have lost over last 3 weeks and how great u'll feel on Saturday. Could u not see your CDC sooner? xxx


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not really, she works away in the week so only really sees people on a sat morning! I just hope I can make it till then. I may even ask her about SS+ but I do remeber her telling me when I first started that it's not really worth it for the extra little bit of food you are allowed and basically it just make syou more tempted, I can see her point.


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Hun, it is so common to feel like this around week 8 or 9. You have been doing the diet for a while and the novelty has worn off slightly but you have also lost weight and it is really starting to show. You are doing so well, keep going chick. Look at how far you have come and keep that end goal in sight.

Is easy to become complacent, please try hard not to let it happen. What a shame you can't get weighed for so long, is there not another CDC near you who you could swap to?

Maybe moving up the plans is a good idea if you are really struggling, but hold on in there for now - just look at what you have acheived.

Charlie xx


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Don't be tempted by food, I know for me it's just a slippery slope. it is hard, but you are so close to your goal now, just think how you'll feel when you get there, I bet that will feel niced than having a meal with your husband, and the guilt afterwards.

Stick with it, it'll be worth it!


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Amy why don't you try going up to SS+ for a couple of days, just to get you over this feeling? I find that the small meal you're allowed is just enough to satisfy my need to eat without going overboard. You can season your chicken, fish etc with herbs so they aren't so bland and when you've had 3 shakes, your SS+ meal seems like a lot.

The losses are more or less the same as with SS so that's nothing to worry about. I hope this helps because I know what it's like to feel like this and SS+ has helped me out of danger a few times.

Good luck hun xxx


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I agree with Surfhunny - maybe give yourself a couple of SS+ days? I have had a few dotted around and it hasn't made me binge, it's been enjoyable just to sit at the table and join in with my hubby and son to a certain extent. It's amazing what you can do with your limited options on SS+. You could do a 'kebab' or 2 small ones with chicken, courgette and mushroom (all grilled). I tend to stick to plain chicken and cucumber (which I grind a little black pepper on) and I really enjoy it.


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You could do a 'kebab' or 2 small ones with chicken, courgette and mushroom (all grilled). I tend to stick to plain chicken and cucumber (which I grind a little black pepper on) and I really enjoy it.
After reading about this I think I may do a few days on SS+ the chicken kebab sounds yum!!:confused:


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Hi everyone, thanks all so much for you help and support, I have decided to not cheat and I am going to look at my book now and maybe have a SS+ to get me through the bank holiday.

You are all great, thanks guys xx


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You're welcome hun, we've all been there at some point. The SS+ meals don't seem like much at first, but like Jabba said you can get a bit creative with them. I'd never thought of kebabs but that's what I'm going to have next time I have an SS+ meal. Can't believe I never of thought of it.

There's also a thread with 810 meal ideas on it which you can adapt to fit SS+. Wish I'd found it sooner, so here it is.

Have fun experimenting and well done for resistingxxx


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2 ticks and I'll find out for you.


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Hmm at least I thought I would... sorry all my books say tablespoons. I've got the pink one, and the yellow one and I thought the yellow one gave it in gms, sorry xx


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I guess what you could do is take 2 tbspn of veg and then weigh that, it might give you a better idea. I just have the 2 tbspns and it's usually fine.
Well after all that I emailed my CDC and she told me not to do SS+ :(
This is her reply:

My advice would be, don't do it. It really is not that exciting and it then only gets your mind on food and you may end up totally blowing it!
Keep going with the SS, your doing amazing and you are so close to goal!!!!

I was sooo looking forward to eating but I am now glad I didn't and looking forward to my weigh in on sat, it better be good!!


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She is right, if you can ride it out that's great, but if you can't it's better to do SS+ than go off the rails completely. I wish I was as strong as you. I just had an SS+ meal and didn't enjoy it at all, chucked half in the bin and feel like I should've just stuck with ss in the first place.
At least you have tried it now and got it out of your system! Chin up and keep going, I am just taking each day as it comes xx
Well done chocolate so far ...... 21lbs down :D

get out your skinny jeans and have a look at them ...I am planning on doing this in the next day or two.

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