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What was your diet like before you started hun? Maybe if you'd eaten a lot of naughty stuff the week before you started it might be a bit of over-hang from that, if that makes sense. Also, are you drinking enough? Are you counting all your syns, and using your Healthy Extras?

Have you got a food diary on here at all? It might be helpful for us to be able to have a look at the type of things you've been eating, and then maybe we can give you some advice :)

Try not to get disheartened blodyn...it's only been one week, and I'm sure you'll be rewarded for your hard work with a fabulous loss next week :)

Sian xxx
dudette thank you for your reply :).

The week before I had been on holiday so i had eaten lots of naughty stuff lots of it and alcohol :(

Healthy Extras thats ur As & Bs right ???

How much should I be Drinking

Todays Food

FF Fromaige Fraise
1tbs honey 2 syns

Tuna sandwich
Brown Bread Health Extra Hovis brown loaf small thing
Princes Tuna in Brine Small Tine
1 tsp xxl mayo


omelet food with fry light
filling onion mushrooms bacon not fat all removed
salad with a drizzle of balsamic viniger
tbs ketchup

FF fromige Fraise
Banana & Strawberries
1tbs Honey 2syns

How does that sound to you your help is much apprechiated :)
ssworld bar 6syns
Have you done a food diary for your first week, if so it would help if you posted a couple of days of your diary for us to see. If you didn't do one then you really need to, it is a fantastic help.
thank u im going to keep going just a little upset with it :(

Ill keep posting my food daily and see if there is anything im doing wrong



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Are you making sure that your plate is 1/3 superfree? Thats veg/salad/fruit. It has to make 1/3 of the plate. You don't say how much super free you were having. Bananas aren't superfree, and you should limit them as they are quite bulky, I try not to have them every day. they ARE a free food, but not super free. I doubt that fruit in your yogurt would make 1/3 of the whole thing, and your lunch doesn't seem to have any.

Super free food helps boost weight loss, so has to be incorperated. The rest of the meals look fine though, but you do have to add the veg/fruit/salad.
Also dont forget that on Extra Easy you only get 1 A and 1 B Healthy Extra. Anymore and you will have to syn it. x

Mrs V

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I would also suggest having a look at the other food diaries on here Hun to give you some ideas.
You dont appear to be eating enough of the old veg and fruit to bulk out the day, but other than that it looks fine. Make sure that you vary what you eat as well, including varying your Hea's and Heb's.

Why are bananas not superfree Helen? I thought superfree was just the term given to fruit and veg? Bananas are neither speed nor superspeed fruit, but I still thought they were superfree :confused:
You are correct, they are, but not a speed food.

*edit* I wrote this message and forgot to press enter, I did it 15mins too late lol
Not ALL fruit and veg are superfree though, like corn on the cob, though on Extra Easy it is a free food :)
Evening all your comments are really cool thank you . Mummy Helen with every meal I am making sure 1/3 Is veg salad or friut i.e for breakfast the fruit with my ff fromige fraise I make sure the bowl is almost haklf full b4 i add the ff fromige friase.

Todays food

over 1/3 strawberrys and Bananna With FF Fromige Friase
1tbs Honey =2syns

Mid Morning Satsuma

Omleat filled with turkey
other half of plate salad (italian salad)
Balsamic Viniger
Whole puney of cherries and apple

Pasta with tomatoes mix in Veg
Apple and Kiwi

one small brown roll 50g one tsp honey on each side =2syns

SS Bar =6

Total Sysn 10 today

How does this sounds guys :)

Hey guys thank for ur comment I am making sure that all my meals 1/3 fruit veg or salad :)

Todays Food


Strawberrys & Banana over 1/3 of the bowl FF Fromige Fraise
1tbsp honey =2syns

Mid Morning Satsuma

Lunch Omleat With Turkey breast pre
1/2 salad with Balsamic Viniger
Cherrys and Apple

Dinner Pasta with tomotoes 28g chedder cheese Option A
Kiwi X2 Half Punet of Strawberries

1x SW bar = 6snys
Option B 50g Brown Roll
1tsp on each slice honey

Total Syns =10

What do we think guys ok ???

Sarah :)

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