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Hi Pwincess

You've done so well, you can't do anything now to jeapordise it. Just take it one day at a time - the last stone won't take too long if you stick to the diet but if you do cheat it's going to take a lot longer to lose it.

Best of luck



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I know the feeling only too well!!
You've come so far and are so close to your goal...dont give up...u can do it!! xx


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That's an interesting one Pwincess,

I am familiar with wanting to sabotage myself like that. I have done it for many years with great success. I would stongly suggest you raise it next time you are at your LL meeting. Speak privately to your counsellor first, and if you want to, ask her to raise it at the meeting with the other members of the group. You may be surprised that others feel the same as you.

The questions you need to ask yourself are mostly concerned with WHY you want to spoil your success. Because that is what is happening, isn't it?

We discussed this at our meetings and some interesting ideas came out of it. One of the reasons I get so much out of the group meetings is I get to share others' experiences.

Reasons people may sabotage their successful weight loss might include:-

Fear of being slim because I have never been slim - fear of the unknown.

People might have expectations of me now that I can't deal with - I want to be invisible again.

I cannot deal with the attention from men.

I'll only put it all back on again anyway, I may as well fail now.

Some of these may strike a chord with you, but you might have other thoughts which are just as relevant. In fact, your group members might have, too.

Hopefully, other posters here will have their own insights and will share them here.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your advice, you'right i've come so far now I can't let myself down.

I'm trying to get back into ketosis, Have been on jus packs and water since yesterday!

Hopefully (fingers crossed) will lose the last stone by the end of month.



Just one day at a time
You have gone so far now, please don't stop. It is just in reach.

We are all behind you and you are doing FAB.

Pwincess well done on weight loss so far, I found the last stone hard but stuck to the program after a couple of little slips as I knew I would regret it later and so glad I did, I am now seven stone lighter, I was on the ss for 30 weeks and have just completed management, the journey was worth it. You have come this far it will not take you long to lose that last stone and you will be so proud of yourself, good luck a few more weeks YOU CAN DO IT


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S: 20st0lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 7st13lb(39.64%)
You can't quit now, stick at it, you've done soooooo well. Imagine having to do all tht hard work over again! Just remember 'nothing tastes as good as being slim feels' :)
Just take it a day at a time - (or even less than that) - sometines I would just think about the next 10 mins or the next half hour and try to distract my self with something else - a book - a bath - a chat.

Think about the goals you set yourself earlier in the programme and focus on these - It is soooo worth it when you get there!

You have done really well - give yourself a pat on the back and keep going!

Best wishes

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