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Aw im really doubting myself today, only on day 3. My body is in ketosis cause i checked this morning but i am thinking about food.
What i would do for even a bit lettuce the now!!
The packs are making me feel sick, they were ok for the first 2 days but now im feeling sick even thinking about them. They all have a bad after taste.
I was thinking a pickled onion to give my mouth a little boost if u know what i mean? would one pickled onion be so bad??
But then i think its only day 3 u have no will power!!
ARGGG help....:cry:
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i keep tellin myself no! but this little niggle just says yes...
suppose this is why i got like this in the first place :(
U are doing so well :) i take it this is normal to feel like this and does it really pass?


is gonna shine in 2009
i'm on the same day as you hun, I've done vlcds before...longest 16weeks and it does get easier. I'm in ketosis too and i'm thinking of food today but it's your body and mind trying to get you to give it, it's preferred choice of fuel ie food cos it's easier to burn than stored fat.

I DOES pass though.....get to your first wi and i promise you, you will be over the moon!!

oh and if you dont like the packs treat them as medicine to get your body to where it deserves to be :)
Keep at it! Try to distract yourself a bit more - the flavours do grow on you a bit, and like the others said, once you see the weight coming off you will feel better.
As Kirsty says it really does get easier, stick with it and you'll soon be glad you did!
Is it all the packs you don't like, or just certain ones?

My first day last time I thought I would vomit after drinking the chocolate one. I then discovered you could make "custard" out of them using hot water, around 100ml of water, a sweetener, and nuke in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. It is lush!! I do the same with the vanilla as well (only like those 2 flavours). Give them a whirl hot, they're really nice and taste totally different.

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