Help !!!!!


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HELP !!!!!!!!!
Im really stuggling to stay within my 29 points allowence and seem to be going over by 7 or 8 points every day ...... its lunch times im struggling with .... i work late and dnt have a evening meal till gone 9ish ...
any ideas on filling but low point lunches would be greatly received
(not a big soup fan )
thank u
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Hi, are you able to warm lunches up while your at work? I like to do a homemade low fat chilli con carne (made from quorn) with rice, very tasty and only 4.5 points!

100g quorn (1.5 points),

as many tinned or fresh tomatoes as you like they're free on W.W.

as much onions and garlic as you like also free on W.W.

1 teaspoon of marmite (makes your quorn taste meaty).

fresh chillies or dried chilli con carne powder (add 0.5 points though for half a sachet) to taste.

You can also add a beef oxo cube if you want an extra beefy kick.

Add any herbs if you like to experiment.

60g rice (uncooked) 3 points (150g cooked).

Hope this helps or gives you some ideas.


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I find wholemeal pittas keep me fuller for a bit longer, 2 points and i stuff mine with loads of salad 0 points and a bit of humous or cheese spead so if you take two thats only 6 points and I also find that drinking water all day helps to keep me fuller for longer. If you like snacking them take in some crunchy carrots already peeled and cut, if you find them boring then just put a bit of low fat humous or low fat mayo on a plate and dip. Good luck.
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How are you doing with your Carbs, I find with PP Carbs really eat into my daily points allowance and I am therefore trying to restrict them where possible.


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Thanks everyone some really good ideas there i will defo b given a go.
I love carbs unfortunataly so i tried 2 avoid these at lunch so i can look forwars to them in my evening meal.
Does anyone please have a good recipe for a veggie curry ??
Thanks again and good luck 2 u all