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I suppose it's just training yourself to make the right choices when it comes to ordering room service, or if you eat out, choosing the healthier options.

If you're a meat eater you could perhaps order grilled chicken and a salad for example rather than order a burger and chips. Depending on the standard of hotels you have to stay in, you could ask them to make some adjustments on meals from the hotels restaurant menu. Or if you are going out to eat, order things that don't have creamy sauces or ask for dressings to be put on the side, order from the starters menu so you are having smaller portions.

Keep plenty of water in your room to drink. If you are able to have alcoholic beverages of an evening, perhaps cut back or cut those out to save on consuming empty calories.


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When I travel, I always choose a hotel room with its own kitchen so I can make my own meals. If you don't have a kitchen in your room, you'll just have to be more conscious of the food you order when calling room service or when you're eating out. Also, take advantage of your hotel's gym if it has one.


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If you choose to do a vlcd like Cambridge, Lipotrim or Lighterlife
you will have your food- packs with you, needn't be tempted by the Hotel food. You'll only need a mug a spoon and water.
Depends how much you want to lose and how serious you are.
Good luck.


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Hotel food can make dieting very difficult, but if you go low carb then it should be much easier, you are more likely to find low carb friendly meals on a menu as long as you steer clear of chips potato and pasta. You will be able to have a good cooked breakfast on it too.


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Buy a mini travel fridge (can get for around £20) for your car and pack your own stuff in there such as salads, meat, or what ever...


Try preparing pre-made meals before you go and halthy snacks if that is to hard which I know it can be with time ext.

Buy ready made meals but look for really low fats ones there out there and they can be pretty good! Also anything suger free is pretty low calorie for snacks and stuff.