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arrrrgh! I cant get past day 2! I've just mucked up on my 3rd try since last monday

I get this stupid little voice in my head that says, do WW instead, so I eat, then straight after I feel rubbish, so annoyed with myself !!!!!!

I just cant do it, and I think I have a pretty easy time on exante, I dont struggle to get into ketosis, no headaches or sicky feeling, just straight into it within a couple of days. So why cant I do it....:cry::cry::cry:

Anyone got any suggestions?
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I will never give up
ive been doing exante since sept and have been finding it so hard to get back on track since december and today i was fine all day then ate some pizza at dinnertime which is when i always fail, anyway im not sure what to say other than we can try this again tomorrow and make it a challenge to see who can get past day 2. i really need to do this and need to try anything. anyway we can do this lets get our heads straight tonight and start fresh tomorrow.
hi spyro

lets do it!

I'm the same as you - i'm fine all day, its just the evenings (and w/ends that are my trigger points) its not even boredom, as I'm either online, or cooking etc.

I really need to do this too, if we give each other support then that should defo help


I will never give up
yep weekends are definately hard for me too i think cos the school routine goes out the window. anyway i need to lose something this week my weigh in day is monday so thats 3 days to be good and hopefully be in ketosis on weigh in day. we have to try really hard and come on the site if we feel tempted. so il be around all day tomorrow we can dop it day 1 here we come.
look how far you've come, you've done great, you can't give up now!

i've just gone to the kitchen and got my blender back out the cupboard, and filled up my water bottle so is nice and cold for the morning. Have also just downloaded minimins app for my iphone, so i can carry you with me all day at work :D

Good luck, you'll be fine. x


I will never give up
morning am all ready have just had a tea and am going to get my shake soon. be strong and dont give in just keep thinking 'nothing tastes as good as being slim feels'. have a good day.
It took me a couple of days to give up food, but in the end I told myself I could have 4 packs if I felt like it, and that then got me past it and going without food at night.


taking it 1 day at a time
Don't give up trying. I've been here since the beginning of the year and this is the first time I've got to day 5 without a mega cheat.
I've done Exante before, very successfully, and I bought a couple of Dietimeal meal packs from avidlite to see myself through those, "I need to eat" moments. They are low carb and only 100 cals so I found they really helped.

I find w/e difficult too, think I'm in the right mind now to stick with it. (Positive thinking!)

Good luck with sticking with it.


I will never give up
So far so good am just keeping busy with the kids.
I sympathise completely Nic-Noc, in fact your first post could have been written for me! I'm so the same. Been trying to re-start so many times, and after trying to start afresh on 1st Feb, and falling off the wagon yet again by the third day, I just thought enuf! Started Monday 100% and so far have played the game. Keeping myself busy in the evening after work has helped and just keeping focus. You can do it, believe it. Get to that 3rd and 4th day and you'll be off and running.

Last night was particularly difficult for me and it took everything not to satisfy my craving, but I sit down and read this forum...don't tend to post as it's enough for me to read and be motivated. I'm dreading the weekend but am hopeful I can get through unscathed!

Dig in, you can get there.

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