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Hippety Hop!
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Hi Nell, Soo - may well be another day tomorrow but what will be any different for you? Seems like you need to take a different stand and start your own diary after you have filled in a few more details so we can get to know you a bit better.
There will always be stresses and strains on us one way and another, but flying to the cupboard for comfort from food, or whatever else it is, is not the answer.
Do hope you will keep posting and then you will get the support and encouragement that you deserve...All the best to you...:)
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Sometimes we need to fall off the wagon!
weekend before last I dislocated my shoulder. I had been training really hard for a 10k run, then suddenly I was in agony and my arm was in a sling; couldn't run, drive, dress myself, do the mountains of coursework I had...
Anyway, point is I fell off the wagon! I comfort ate and drank, and of course couldn't even exercise it off! But I needed it if I'm honest. But after a few days, I kicked my butt back into gear, hopped back on the wagon, and felt so much better for it. Weigh in is tomorrow but had a sneaky hop on the scales tonight and I'm back to my weight before my blow out (I'm maintaining so don't need to lose!)
We are not perfect and life's stresses will always get us down. But draw that line, tomorrow is a new day, and you will get there :) good luck!!


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Tomorrow is definitely a new day Nell :) you're only human and it happens to us all!
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come on nothing is lost yet! Tomorrow's a new day indeed, and as long as you've drawn the line and start being good again, you've got nothing to worry.

Just imagine that two weeks ago I went to Italy for my hen's and I ate out for 3 nights in 4 days, not really thinking of the diet. Last Sunday I was exactly the same weight as two week's before! You can do it if you keep yourself focused for the rest of the week! And even if you gain something this week... what's one week gain in the great order of things? Especially because you do KNOW WHY it happened?

Draw a line mate and keep on going from tomorrow. Dieting is like a marathon. It's not about never slipping, but it's about raising after the slip and keep on walking at the same pace as before :)


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I often find myself having little chats with myself saying things like today was crap so now I am going to have a bottle of wine because I deserve it to make up for xyz going wrong or for so and so being such a pain in the bum or because I feel a bit ill today etc. I'm trying to justify going off plan. If I do that I try and catch myself at it and nip it in the bud.


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as long as you can stop it at one day or one meal! Binges happen... I don't think I could ever get through life without spoiling myself on something naughty once in a while. It's just making sure you get on that horse and fix it straight away. x

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