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Nearly there...
Been on plan for 6 wks or so but my head seems to be going...?! Craving silly food, nearly caved once or twice - don't understand why this is happening? Would've thought I'd be firmly in Ketosis at this point but hungry most days - seems odd?

My belly also seems to be getting bigger (in ratio to the rest of me!) as the rest of me is getting slowly slimmer.

Feeling really fed up this week - the first time I've lost my mojo on my journey :cry:
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maybe your eating something u don't realise you shouldn't be??
if your unsure if you in ketosis or not get some ketostix from local pharmacy to test if u are in ketosis or not.


Nearly there...
I'm following the plan so I really don't think so...?? Erm Ketostix aren't entirely reliable - the volumes of water we all should be drinking will dilute the result and I'm bound to be more dehydrated when I get up in the morning. Oh well, thanks for replying. :)


Nearly there...
Are you doing SS? Maybe try an add a meal week to boost you back up
Hi hun, I'm SS+ or SS depending how I feel. Really dunno what's up with me?! :confused: feel weird, it's too soon to give up!!


Nearly there...
Hmm.. hadn't thought of that. It may explain random cravings?! No twinges but yeah, the maths are there... Thanks Qwety. Cute name too :D
Could do, you might be tricking yourself into thinking you're hungry because you want the stuff we usually crave when it's totm. Go clothes shopping tomorrow to take your mind off it :D


Nearly there...
Thats a plan lol. I darent buy clothes at min, dunno what bloomng size i need!!

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