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;( help !!!

hi all

i have weighted my self gone up half a stone

i have been in tears tonight to my other half :cry:

i have been having no carbs and i think too much fats my body doesnt break down the fat and storing it

i been cooking in oil adding butter to my veg and having fatty things cream etc

im going to stop all this and see if i loose
after talking to my other half im feeling a bit more positive as this may be why im gaining

can any one give me advice

i excersise and i drink plenty of water

im going to try cut what i think is stalling me and c how this goes please god work !!!!!!!!!


I really want too loose a stone by christmas and cannot see a ending to this

sorry to rant on im just fed up and cant stop feeling down

all help appreciated

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Hi Jessie, sorry to hear about your weight gain!

But pat on the back for carrying on :) I been on this over a week now and I think its a learning curve as to what your body is ok with! could you put an example of what you have been eating(and how much)it may give people more of an idea as to whether u been eating the wrong things!
I don't measure fat content! i have butter and oil and cream occassionally.. tonight had a yummy curry made with creme fresh :) it is important to measure you veg for the carb content and your cheese! and even tho it says you can eat as much meat as you want, if you read into it, it says ideally each meal 4-6oz of protein! I find if I eat fat it keeps me satisfied and I never feel hungry ... so I don't snack inbetween my meals.

hope I have been of some help, as I say I am new to it myself but just my take on it!

Lis x
thanks hun i am not having cheese anymore this is on my hit list of not to have cream cheese oil i might just have my coconut oil god i feel so down
im sooo bored of things to have aswell i have samie samie all the time

i am not giving up as im determined to fight this weight battle im wearing all my baggy clothes i always get sweet craving i need to fight this too

thanks huni x
Don't feel disgusting hun. there could be a variety of reasons why you have put the weight on, most likely it is water weight... is it the time of the month or thereabouts?
le i will i havent put mfp fpr a feww days not been on the computer and my crapberry is so slow i need a i phone lol

im gonna use the last of my cream for me cofee tomorow and swap it for pepernmint tea get rid of cheese too and butter

i gone off the mims from when i was ill i cant bring my self to have them

jessie, have you tried varying what you have? as you say you eat pretty much the same things! I read somewhere that variety is important and above all keeps it interesting! I for one was fed up of eating meat and veg, so now tried cauli rice... and oh my god its fab and had a few meals like thai green curry and tonight made a creamy curry with fried cauli faux rice :) maybe have a look up of some recipes you would normally like and see if low carb options, thats what I been doing and its really helped :)
as for it maybe being water weight? do you know if you are still in ketosis? as if you have come out of ketosis water weight goes on pretty quick! but good new it comes off just as quick when back in ketosis :) x
im finishing the tub of cream btw im going dairy t total for few days

im not sure tonight see what i fancy later omg i havent had cheese today first time in 2 months lets see if this helps me

i brought that birdseye fish atlantic one i think wirth butter is this ok

i might have that later with some greens

il up day mfp later on x

not going gym today going tomorow and hopfully fri and sat

Hey jessie, its great to see that you are remaining positive! How often do you weigh yourself? Because my weight can fluctuate by half a stone in the space of a few hours :|

I got weighed on monday and had dropped 5lbs then sneakily weighed myself last night and had regained it all... Woke up this morning and i was 7lbs down! Water can do weird things to ur body, which is why ur only meant to weigh urself once a week, same time, same place, same scales. So please dont be too disheartened, its happened to me too :)

Oh also go by inches, try measuring urself. my waist seems to be shrinking. Now if only my hips would follow suit lol

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